DBS Patient Programmer and Communicator

Samsung Handset Programmer and Communicator

Your Medtronic DBS Activa™ Patient Programmer is designed with you in mind. 

The patient programmer consists of two components — a programmer and a communicator.

Each features intuitive, consumer-friendly technology designed to help you get the most of your DBS therapy.

The programmer looks like a smartphone — including a large touchscreen and familiar icons — and allows you to optimize your therapy within parameters you set. 

The communicator is a separate piece that synchronizes with the implanted device and provides a safe, smart connection to the programmer handset. 

When you want to adjust therapy settings, turn therapy on or off, or check the neurostimulator’s battery, simply hold the communicator over the implanted device and make your desired changes using the programmer. 


When the DBS Therapy app is open and connected to the neurostimulator, the home screen below is visible. The main features of the home screen are:


Close up of the home screen of the DBS patient programmer.
  1. Menu button
    Tap to access additional features.
  2. Other device button
    Tap to switch neurostimulators (only shows if you have two neurostimulators). Note: When switching to your other device, you will need to reposition your communicator over your other implanted device as well
  3. My battery icon
    Your neurostimulator batter status.
  4. My therapy off button
    Tap to turn your therapy off.
  5. Therapy button
    Tap to view or adjust your therapy.
  6. Battery button
    Tap to view your detailed battery status.


The following tutorial videos are also available in the home menu of your programmer.*

Check Battery Status  
Find out how to check the battery status for your neurostimulator, handset and communicator.

Turn Therapy On/Off Learn how to turn your device on and off.

Switch Between Programming Groups
Watch to see how to switch between programming groups setup by your clinician

Adjust Stimulation 
This video shows how to increase or decrease stimulation — a feature setup by your clinician.

Revert to Prior Settings
Learn how to switch back to prior settings for your device.

Switch Between Devices
For those who have two implanted devices, watch this video to learn how to switch between them.


The videos on your programmer will be determined by the settings set up by your clinician, so all videos may not be available.