Enterra II Neurostimulator ENTERRA THERAPY

Enterra II Neurostimulator


The Enterra™ II model 37800 gastric neurostimulator is a programmable, implanted device that generates mild electrical pulses to treat chronic, intractable (resistant to medication) nausea and vomiting associated with gastroparesis* caused by diabetes or an unknown origin in patients aged 18 to 70 years.

Key Features

Customized Treatment
Stimulation can be adjusted to the settings that may work for you with a handheld, external programmer used by your doctor.

Therapy can be turned off by your doctor at any time if you experience intolerable side effects. In some cases the device may need to be removed.


The Enterra II system consists of a neurostimulator implanted beneath the skin, usually in the lower abdominal region. Two leads are implanted in the stomach wall muscle layer and connected to the neurostimulator.


Height 2.2" (55 mm)
Width 2.4" (60 mm)
Depth 0.5" (11.4 mm)

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*Humanitarian Device: The Enterra Therapy system for gastric electrical stimulation is authorized by Federal law for use in treatment of chronic intractable (drug refractory) nausea and vomiting secondary to gastroparesis of diabetic or idiopathic etiology. The effectiveness of this device for this use has not been demonstrated. What does this mean?

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