CD Horizon Legacy Spinal System



The CD Horizon Legacy Spinal System


The CD Horizon® Legacy™ Spinal System can be used to treat scoliosis, a condition in which the spine develops one or more abnormal, side-to-side curves that in turn may affect the body’s overall balance and alignment, as well as possibly lead to other physical and health problems.

Size and Placement

The CD Horizon Legacy Spinal System consists of rods, hooks, and screws for implantation in the spine to correct the abnormal curvature. The system is available in multiple rod diameters and screw sizes so your surgeon can choose the appropriate size for your condition, anatomy, and activity level.

More Facts

The CD Horizon Legacy Spinal System is one of the most popular systems for the surgical treatment of scoliosis. The CD Horizon Legacy Spinal System has been used to treat scoliosis since 2004. To-date there have been over 500,000 surgeries performed with the CD Horizon Legacy Spinal System.

The CD Horizon Legacy Spinal System is made out of titanium or stainless steel implantable grade metal. Your surgeon will choose which metal to use based on the severity of your scoliosis and what he or she is ultimately trying to achieve in your scoliosis correction. If you have any known metal allergies you should notify your surgeon so that he or she can choose the appropriate metal for you.

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