Value-Based Healthcare Aligning Value

Higher quality, more integrated, lower-cost care

Around the world, healthcare providers, governments, and payers are under intense pressure to improve patient outcomes while reducing costs. We believe the solution lies in a transition to value-based healthcare (VBHC). We are collaborating with partners around the world to move healthcare in a more sustainable, collaborative direction. Together, we have created resources to further learning and examination of VBHC.


We define VBHC as an effort to develop and deploy products, services, and integrated solutions that improve patient outcomes per dollar spent in the healthcare system, measuring value in terms of long-term patient outcomes rather than short-term transactions. To help explain VBHC, we put together a series of videos. Watch and learn.

VBHC Resources


Read and watch a three-part series about how coordinated data technology efforts are helping to create a more efficient system and improve patient outcomes.


Case Studies

Medtronic and its partners are working towards the transition to value-based healthcare. In pilots around the world, we are working together to increase efficiency, expand access, and improve care. Find out details of these innovative efforts by reading case studies that outline the issue and report on the solution.