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To help address healthcare’s greatest challenges, we have sponsored a series of webinars with Harvard Business Review to foster learning and discussion of current issues, ideas, and initiatives.

How AI Can Change the Future of Health Care

Accenture's research reveals the best AI applications for health care.

The Value-Based Health Care Business Model

Innovative providers show how to achieve long-term success despite the short-term financial pain associated with the shift to value-based care.

How to Measure and Improve Population Health

Current methods result in uneven — and inequitable — progress.

How Doctors Lead in Creating Value-Based Health Care

Bain & Company's research suggests how to work with physicians to generate support for value-based models of care.

Continuous Value Improvement in Health Care

Kedar Mate, M.D., chief innovation and education officer for the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and assistant professor, Department of Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College, discusses practical, easy-to-use tools enabling frontline clinicians to control costs. Specifically, he details the advantages of continuous value improvement over other cost-control methods and why clinician involvement and clinical analytics are key to the effort.

The Case for Bundled Payments in Health Care

Harvard Business School professors Michael Porter and Robert S. Kaplan explain the advantages of a bundled payment model and outline how bundled payments can trigger competition between providers, creating better value for patients.

Leveraging Health Care IT Investment

David Cutler and Robert Huckman discuss insights and lessons on how to leverage IT investments to drive meaningful operational changes in health care. Organizations must take a three-step approach: identify improvement opportunities, gather and analyze data, and implement organizational change. These actions can result in more efficient, passive data collection, improved business intelligence, streamlined workflows, and better-aligned business models. 

Revolutionizing Health Care

Robert Mecklenburg describes the barriers and systemic defects that make health care unaffordable and detail how proactive employers have taken charge by forming marketplace collaboratives. The results to date are promising — improved quality, reduced waste and cost, and accelerated change in health care delivery.

Measuring Outcomes: The Key to Value-Based Health Care

Christina Akerman and Caleb Stowell from ICHOM identify the strategic questions providers must address to transition from their current volume-based systems to value-based systems. They describe why outcomes measurement is essential and describe best practices where measurement is making a difference.

Value-Based Health Care: Reconciling Mission and Margin

Robert Kaplan describes why value should be the central goal of the health care system, explains what value is and how to measure it, and discusses why accurately measuring costs and changing the payment structure are critical.