Bret Hauser Meet The Innovators

The Medtronic Technical Fellow talks about an unwavering commitment to solving problems in a way that benefits the patient.

Medtronic is the first company that I’ve been associated with where in-house technical symposia were offered.

Bret Hauser

DRM is a succinct way of saying these are the things we should do, and if we do these things right, we’ll not only have the right product, but we’ll also have the product that’s right.

Bret Hauser


The Technical Fellows program was created in the 1980s to foster technical excellence within Medtronic by recognizing employees who contribute to the company through technical expertise, education, mentoring, and consulting efforts. Currently, there are more than 190 Technical Fellows within Medtronic.


What is DRM? Design, Reliability & Manufacturability — or DRM — is a Medtronic initiative aimed at improving product development outcomes including customer satisfaction, quality, reliability, performance, cost, and development predictability. DRM consists of a set of frameworks, best practices, and tools that optimize effectiveness and efficiency of product development through a predictive engineering philosophy.