Robotic-Assisted Surgery Offers Doctors More Choices

MIT Technology Review Insight

Robotic-assisted surgery (RAS) is on the verge of greater adoption, explains this MIT Technology Review Insights paper, produced in association with Medtronic.

Surgeons around the world are increasingly realizing that RAS offers many healthcare advantages — though there hasn’t been widespread adoption. Yet. As advancements in technology and design address effectiveness and raise the bar on system intelligence, that may be changing.

RAS augments the expertise of clinical teams and can be used in procedures from spine surgeries to kidney removal to hip replacement. Future applications of RAS include remote procedures, enabling surgeons to operate on patients potentially thousands of miles away — and even autonomous surgery. Learn about the barriers to adoption and what technologies and teaching methodologies are helping overcome these barriers.

This technology is really going to change the shape of our operating room.

–Jeffrey Gum, M.D., Spine Surgeon, Norton Leatherman Spine Center, Louisville, Kentucky


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