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2017 Value-Based Health Care Forum

In a recent forum moderated by the Editor in Chief of Harvard Business Review, Medtronic CEO Omar Ishrak, other senior Medtronic leaders, and professors Robert Kaplan of Harvard Business School and Mark McClellan of Duke University discussed the ongoing and essential shift to value-based health care. They analyzed the current health care policy landscape, described the key steps to create a value-based health care system, and shared the Medtronic perspective and framework for pursuing value-based opportunities. Read the Forum summary, gain insight on the need for value-based models, and learn how they can work for multiple disease states around the world.

Measuring Health Care Costs and Outcomes is Key to Improving Value

Historically, volume — meaning the number of patient visits, tests, and procedures – has driven health care reimbursement. This model is unsustainable in today’s world and is undergoing transition from a volume-based system to one that rewards better patient outcomes at lower costs. The transition depends on new ways to evaluate costs and outcomes. Recently, Medtronic and Harvard Business Review hosted a forum where health care leaders discussed innovations, best practices, and key issues related to the transition. Learn about their insights that are helping to pave the way.


The complex and varied ways healthcare is delivered and paid for has made it difficult to get a true sense of how to achieve better outcomes at a lower cost. How can we collectively find solutions that will guide the industry toward value-based care? Medtronic sponsored an event with Harvard Business Review to bring together top healthcare leaders to explore this important topic. The conversation included discussions on:

  • Defining and measuring outcomes
  • Determining accurate costs
  • Identifying key drivers of change 

Value-Based Health Care Forum Summary

Medtronic and Harvard Business Review hosted a forum for health care leaders on the state of adoption in value-based health care. Michael Porter, Bishop William Lawrence University Professor at Harvard Business School, delivered the keynote address.