Value-based healthcare for those living with diabetes or obesity

We know the significance of the statistics — and we’re working to change them.

60% of deaths worldwide are from chronic diseases like diabetes and obesity

Chronic disease accounts for 60 percent of deaths worldwide.1 Conditions like diabetes and obesity are leading contributors to the growing healthcare crisis, where systems struggle to treat more patients while keeping costs down.1 Knowing this, we set to work, partnering with the global healthcare community to use our technology, services, and insight to better manage care for those living with chronic disease. With the support of dedicated healthcare professionals and specialists, Medtronic now offers chronic care management solutions that may help individuals and their families achieve better outcomes and may also save healthcare systems money.

Improving clinical outcomes, expanding access to care, optimizing cost, and improving efficiency are critical components of healthcare reform as the global population ages and diagnoses of chronic disease grow.

Putting the patient at the center of care — with the aim of delivering the best possible results at the lowest possible cost — is the beginning of the solution. This approach requires fundamentally re-thinking how and where patients receive treatment.

Today’s healthcare system is predominantly based on a fee-for-service model, where payment to hospitals and providers is based on individual office visits, procedures, and tests a patient receives. Alternatively, in a value-based healthcare (VBHC) model, new rules and standards help focus payment and reimbursement on overall patient outcomes. Key components of such a model include preventive screenings, wellness plans, and clinic-based care, which are particularly well-suited for addressing chronic conditions.2


Discover Medtronic value-based healthcare solutions to better manage:

  • Pediatric Type 1 Diabetes: Diabeter, a Medtronic-owned network of clinics in the Netherlands, employs a multidisciplinary team of diabetes care specialists to address the full cycle of care for an individual patient. Early clinic results show improved patient outcomes, increased capacity for providers to treat high-risk patients, and system cost savings.

  • Obesity: Medtronic entered into a strategic alliance with Nederlandse Obesitas Kliniek (NOK), a Dutch clinic for treatment of those suffering from obesity. The patient-centric approach provides an integrated system of care for pre- and post-bariatric surgery patients, designed to both increase access to bariatric surgery and improve surgical outcomes.

Medtronic is expanding the diabetes and obesity clinic models to other regions and healthcare settings. This kind of partnership with leading healthcare providers and government agencies illustrates the future of healthcare, which can deliver better outcomes at lower costs.

As a leader in diabetes care technology and minimally invasive bariatric surgery, Medtronic is helping to spearhead the development of Value-Based Healthcare solutions specifically for these high-risk patient populations.

pdf Using Patient-Centric Care To Better Manage Chronic Disease (.pdf)

Medtronic is working to expand clinic-based solutions that improve outcomes, both for people living with type 1 diabetes and those struggling with obesity.


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