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This site is being updated continuously as more information becomes available. If you do not find a clinic near your location, please see the Frequently Asked Questions.

As with most medical facilities, please call for an appointment before visiting.
Pacemaker Clinic follows pacemakers
Heart Failure Clinic follows CRT devices
Defibrillator Clinic follows defibrillators
Reveal Clinic follows Reveal® ICMs
CareLink Clinic offers remote follow-up with Medtronic CareLink® Network
Clinics in Unna, Germany
  Evangelisches Krankenhaus Unna Pacemaker Defibrillator Reveal
   Medizinische Klinik II
Holbeinstraße 10
59423 Unna
Telephone: +49 2303 106385

  Katharinen-Hospital, Innere Klinik II Pacemaker Defibrillator
   Obere Husemannstr.2
59423 Unna
Telephone: 02303/100-1832

Clinics near Unna, Germany
  Internistenteam (6 km) Pacemaker Heart Failure Defibrillator Reveal
   Wemhofftsr. 6
59174 Kamen
Telephone: +49 2307 260200

  Praxis (6 km) Pacemaker Defibrillator Reveal
   Adenauerstrasse 16
59174 Kamen
Telephone: (0)2307-260200

  Städt. Hellmig-Krankenhaus (6 km) Pacemaker
   Innere / Kardiologie
rdstrasse 34
59174 Kamen
Telephone: (0)2307-149252

  Kardiologische Praxis (13 km) Pacemaker Heart Failure Defibrillator Reveal
   Neumarkt 1
58706 Menden
Telephone: 49 2373 393880

  Kardiologische Praxis (13 km) Pacemaker
   Dortmunder - Str. 13
44536 Lünen
Telephone: (0)2306-18881
Contact:    Frau Jünnemann, Frau Kaminski

  Gemeinschaftspraxis (14 km) Pacemaker
   Kardiologe - Praktische Ärztin
Rossbachstr. 12
44369 Dortmund
Telephone: (0)231-310664

  Kardiologische Praxis (14 km) Pacemaker Defibrillator
   Kampstr. 36
44137 Dortmund
Telephone: (0)231-148099

  Kardiologische Praxis (14 km) Pacemaker Heart Failure Defibrillator CareLink
   Hermannstr. 48-52
44263 Dortmund
Telephone: +49-(0)231-94117512

  Marienkrankenhaus Schwerte (14 km) Pacemaker
   Innere Abteilung
Goethestr. 19
58239 Schwerte
Telephone: (0)2304-109-0

  Kardiologische Praxis (18 km) Pacemaker Reveal
   Weststr. 52
59065 Hamm
Telephone: (0)2381-21069

  Kardiologische Praxis (19 km) Pacemaker
58638 Iserlohn
Telephone: (0)2371-25647

  Marienhospital Letmathe (19 km) Pacemaker
   Innere Medizin
Iserlohner Str. 121
58642 Iserlohn
Telephone: (0)2334-54221

  Praxis für Innere Medizin und Kardiologie (22 km) Pacemaker
   Hagelstr. 37
45731 Waltrop
Telephone: (0)2309-91034

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