Corporate Citizenship

At Medtronic, our approach to corporate citizenship begins with our Mission, written 50 years ago by our founder Earl Bakken. In it he articulates the company's call to “alleviate pain, restore health and extend life” and “to maintain good citizenship as a company.”

2012 Corporate Citizenship Report Video

Our corporate citizenship vision is twofold:

  • to leverage our resources, assets, and expertise to catalyze dramatic improvement in the lives of those affected by chronic disease, and
  • to operate responsibly in all facets where our business intersects with society.

To demonstrate our vision, we align our citizenship initiatives with five pillars that define our unique focus: Global Leadership in Addressing Chronic Disease, Collaborative Culture of Innovation, Responsibility in the Marketplace, Total Employee Engagement and Progressive Environmental Stewardship.

Visit the Medtronic Corporate Citizenship Update website for fiscal year 2013

Global Leadership in Addressing Chronic Disease


With expertise in treating a range of chronic illnesses – including heart disease and diabetes, two of the four leading chronic illnesses globally – Medtronic is uniquely positioned to help decrease the number of lives affected or lost worldwide.

Collaborative Culture of Innovation


By promoting an innovative culture and fostering collaboration among our employees, physicians, engineers, regulators, non-governmental organizations and patients, we develop cutting-edge products, therapies and programs that multiply our impact.

Responsibility in the Marketplace


Through enterprise-wide programs, Medtronic continually drives product and service quality and best practices throughout our supply chain.

Total Employee Engagement


Medtronic maintains a competitive advantage by attracting and fully engaging diverse and dedicated talent at every level of the company.

Progressive Environmental Stewardship


Our commitment to conserve natural resources, promote energy efficiency, eliminate waste, and address these issues during new building construction and facility modification achieves both environmental and business benefits.

Last updated: 3 Jun 2014

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