Medtronic Charitable Donations Registry

At Medtronic, we recognize we cannot fulfill our Mission alone. In order to “alleviate pain, restore health, and extend life,” we must work closely with the healthcare professionals who deliver our therapies to the patients who benefit from them. We are honored that as part of our role, we are able to support medical conferences, charitable events and research and public education programs.

These donations are separate from Medtronic Philanthropy funded by the Medtronic Foundation, which makes contributions to nonprofit organizations worldwide in the areas of health, community, and educating future scientific innovators. For more information on Medtronic Philanthropy and its grants, go to www.medtronic.com/philanthropy.


We believe that everyone involved with the delivery of healthcare has an obligation to maintain relationships in an ethical and forthright manner. In considering donation requests, we follow the Medtronic Business Conduct Standards, which are based on the AdvaMed Code of Ethics.

As a leader in the medical device industry, we have decided to further this vital effort by making public all donations given by Medtronic to US customers or organizations affiliated with customers (this would include patient groups and medical societies). Starting May 1, 2008, any donation requested on or after that date will, if funded, be included in Medtronic's Donations Registry. Donations made prior to May 1, 2008 and donations committed to before that date, regardless of when they are funded, will not be included in Medtronic's Donations Registry. Beginning with the first quarter of Medtronic's 2009 fiscal year, which ends July 31, 2008, we will post donation information in the Donations Registry on a quarterly basis, within 30 days after the end of the quarter. The current Donations Registry is posted below.

Donations Registry - FY 2014 (May 2013-Apr 2014)(991 KB)

Donations Registry - FY 2013 (May 2012-Apr 2013) (286 KB)

Donations Registry - FY 2012 (May 2011-Apr 2012) (1.3 MB)

Donations Registry - FY 2011 (May 2010-Apr 2011) (2.2 MB)

Donations Registry - FY 2010 (May 2009-Apr 2010) (561 KB)

Donations Registry - FY 2009 (May 2008-Apr 2009) (436 KB)

We believe that appropriate transparency will only support innovation, and greater innovation will produce technologies that are good for everyone-patients, physicians, industry, and the health care system.

Charitable Donations Registry FAQ

Last updated: 22 May 2014

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