Simple and Intuitive Design with Added Safety Features

For thermal ablation of soft-tissue tumors, we offer the Cool-tip™ RF ablation system E Series*.

The E Series improves on the trusted platform of the Cool-tip™ RFA system, preferred worldwide for its straight-needle design and maximum energy delivery, making it possible to create larger ablation zones in less time and with less charring than other RFA systems.

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Simple and Intuitive

  • Easier and more efficient to set up
  • Touch screen interface
  • Setup and troubleshooting guidance

New Safety Features

  • Innovative patient return electrode helps in protecting against potential for hotspots and reduces number of pads required
  • Optional remote temperature probe allows real-time tissue temperature monitoring for extra assurance
    • Measure tissue temperature in or adjacent to ablation zone
    • If desired, automatically stop RF delivery based on the temperature


Order Information


  • *The Cool-tip™ RF ablation system E Series is not available for sale in the United States. All Cool-tip™ products bear the CE Mark.

  • **The Cool-tip™ RF ablation system E Series – Japan (RFAGENJ) is only available for sale in Japan.