Medtronic has launched its new grant system: Medtronic Giving Connection.

At Medtronic, we recognize we cannot fulfill our Mission alone. In order to “alleviate pain, restore health, and extend life,” we must support the many stakeholders in healthcare, including providers, medical societies, and patient groups. Part of our role is to provide financial assistance for independent medical conferences, charitable events, medical education and public education programs.

Please note: These donations are separate from those funded by the Medtronic Foundation and the External Research Program (ERP). For more information about the focus of these projects, visit the related links to the right.

Medtronic Giving Connection

New applicants may register an account using the registration button below. Returning applicants may use the login button below to submit a new application, continue a saved draft, or check the status of a submitted application.

Please note: Accounts were not transferred from the previous grant system. If you registered in the past grant system, you will still need to register an account in Medtronic Giving Connection.

Application Attachment Templates

Please use the templates below if required on your application.

Conference Vetting System (CVS)

For events with international attendance, please view our guidance information to determine if approval is required from Ethical MedTech.


This application is for healthcare providers who are not able to accept direct support from Medtronic to attend a Medtronic educational event.


The recipient pays up front for coach class airfare, standard hotel room at meeting venue, meals provided at meeting venue, and ground transportation (cab/shuttle) expenses related to the educational event.

After the event (within 30 days), receipts are submitted to Medtronic for all related expenses and once approved, a check in the amount of the expenses is delivered to the recipient's designated hospital administrator. The recipient then accesses the education grant post-program through their hospital administrator. Grant recipients are responsible for following any requirements their institution may have regarding donations received from the medical device industry.

Download and complete the following application and W9 form. Once completed, scan the documents and email to:

Since May 2008, we have publicly disclosed all grants and donations given by Medtronic to U.S. healthcare professionals or healthcare organizations affiliated with customers (including patient groups and medical societies). As of April 26, 2014, we began posting these updates to our Donations Registry on an annual basis. The annual update of the data is made available on this website by the end of March each year.