Medtronic will soon be launching its new grant system: Medtronic Giving Connection. Please continue to follow the current process detailed below and check back for further information about Medtronic Giving Connection.

At Medtronic, we recognize we cannot fulfill our Mission alone. In order to “alleviate pain, restore health, and extend life,” we must support the many stakeholders in healthcare, including providers, medical societies, and patient groups. Part of our role is to provide financial assistance for independent medical conferences, charitable events, medical education and public education programs.

Since May 2008, we have publicly disclosed all grants and donations given by Medtronic to U.S. healthcare professionals or healthcare organizations affiliated with customers (including patient groups and medical societies). As of April 26, 2014, we began posting these updates to our Donations Registry on an annual basis. The annual update of the data is made available on this website by the end of March each year.

Please note: These donations are separate from those funded by the Medtronic Foundation and the External Research Program (ERP). The Medtronic Foundation makes contributions to nonprofit organizations worldwide focused on healthcare access. The External Research Program (ERP) supports a global network of investigator-initiated research projects to advance medical and scientific knowledge. If you need to submit a request and you're not sure which program is most appropriate, please contact us.

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