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Tumor targeting and antenna placement using ultrasound is challenging. Failure to accurately place a microwave ablation antenna increases the risk of incomplete ablation and local recurrence. To master antenna placement requires time, practice, and a comprehensive understanding of anatomical landmarks.

Recognizing this challenge, we sought to develop a unique procedural solution to simplify ablation procedures.

The Emprint™ SX ablation platform with Thermosphere™ technology is a cutting-edge, integrated surgical navigation and ablation platform that reduces procedural complexity and improves the targeting accuracy of soft tissue ablation.

  • Navigation software improves successful antenna placement versus standard ultrasound guidance upon first attempt.([FOOTNOTE=Sastry, AV, Swet, JH, Murphy KJ, et al. A novel 3-dimensional electromagnetic guidance system increases intraoperative microwave antenna placement accuracy. HPB 2017.],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=])
  • Advanced 3-D tracking shows the position of the Emprint™ SX ablation antenna and ultrasound transducer relative to the surgeon’s perspective in real-time.2
  • Projected antenna path allows trajectory planning prior to antenna placement.1,3,
  • 3-D visualization of the predicted ablation zone helps ensure complete coverage of the target.3,4
  • Thermosphere™ technology creates predictable spherical ablation zones.([FOOTNOTE=Based on Internal report #RE00059555, Emprint™ SX System Bench Tissue Performance Verification. March 2017.],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=])
  • Intuitive interface with a step-by-step guided setup and context-sensitive troubleshooting, makes the system easy to use.1

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Learn how the Emprint™ SX ablation platform with Thermosphere™ technology was developed and the science behind the technology.

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Reduces procedure time and placement attempts

The Emprint™ SX ablation platform improves successful antenna placement versus standard ultrasound guidance on the first attempt. It also reduces placement time versus standard ultrasound guidance.

  • *AIM™ navigation software provided by InnerOptic Technology, Inc