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Vital Sync™ virtual patient monitoring platform (VPMP) 2.5 is our EMR connectivity and remote continuous patient monitoring software solution. It allows clinicians to remotely view patient information from multiple device categories (ventilators, capnography monitors, pulse oximeters, depth of consciousness monitors, and regional oximetry) on any web enabled device (smartphones, tablets, desktops, Workstation on Wheels, central nurse station) and send this information to the electronic medical records and clinical information systems. Vital Sync™ VPMP also supports ADT connectivity and alarm forwarding systems. Vital Sync™ can improve clinical teamwork and communication, economically enhancing patient safety and clinician efficiency.

Vital Sync™ Platform Demonstration

Experience how the Vital Sync™ platform works.

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Helps Enhance Patient Safety

  • Continuous, remote access to critical monitoring information enables clinicians to detect clinical distress and respond faster to evolving needs of patients
  • Color coded alarms and meaningful audible alerts on any laptop, tablet or smartphone facilitate clinician prioritization of patient care

Improves Clinical Efficiency

  • By exporting patient information from multiple bedside devices to the EMR and Clinical Information Systems, and to any web-enabled device on a hospital network, the Vital Sync™ platform offers clinicians a single, integrated view of vital patient information. Vital Sync™ VPMP also supports ADT connectivity and alarm forwarding systems
  • Easy access to electronic ventilation and oxygenation reports help reduce the labor-intensive work of compiling patient reports manually
  • Alarm management and customization

Economically Attractive Solution

  • Software-based platform leverages existing hospital networks, so there is minimal up-front cost
  • Software subscription model offers economic efficiency