Endobronchial tube right or left with polyurethane cuff

The endobronchial tube allows for the inflation of one lung as indicated for thoracic surgery or intensive care. There is a right and a left Bronch-Cath™ option depending on the lung that needs to be ventilated. The tube features a low pressure tracheal and bronchial cuff to minimize risk of mucosal damage. The specially designed bronchial cuff assists with location of the distal tip when verification is confirmed by a fiber-optic bronchoscope. There is a slight curve at the distal tip to assist with placement. There is also an x-ray opaque carinal hook for confirming placement. 

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  • Slightly curved bronchial tip for position placement
  • X-ray opaque markers at the distal tip, above the bronchial cuff and at the tracheal opening to aid location and verification of the tube position
  • The tube features two cuffs:
    • a blue colored cuff at the distal end for the bronchus, with a blue proximal lumen, blue pilot balloon for easy identification
    • a clear, polyurethane cuff for positioning within the bronchus

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