Laser-Flex™ cuffed and uncuffed

The Laser-Flex™ tracheal tube is a stainless steel, dual cuffed or uncuffed tube used for ventilation during CO2 and KTP laser surgeries of the laryngeal or tracheal area. It is laser resistant, non-flammable, flexible stainless steel. This technology provides an airtight steel spiral design that prevents air leaks occurring along the tube length.

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  • Laser resistant, non-flammable, flexible stainless steel tube
  • Accidental contact of the tube shaft with laser beam results in the reflection of a defocused beam
  • Airtight steel spiral prevents air leaks occurring along the tube’s length
  • 15 mm standard connector
  • Dual cuffs of extra-large diameter and individual inflation lines
  • Clearly marked pilot balloon valves
  • Murphy eye
  • Please consult IFU for full use description

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