Gain easy access to the benefits of BIS™ technology

The BIS™ LoC (Level of Consciousness) 2 channel OEM module delivers the latest performance features of BIS™ brain monitoring technology in a compact, portable, plug-and-play design.

With an integrated clamp for easy mounting, the BIS™ LoC 2 channel OEM module, when integrated into a BIS™-ready patient monitor, provides easy access to the precision and benefits of proven BIS™ brain monitoring technology.

Technology Overview 

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BIS™ technology:

  • Helps customize anesthetic dosing to individual patient physiologies.
  • Indicates hypnotic effect through the easy-to-read BIS™ index.
  • Facilitates improved patient outcomes as validated in multiple clinical studies.

The BIS™ LoC 2 channel OEM module delivers a full array of BIS™ brain monitoring parameter data, including:

  • BIS™ (Bispectral Index) Value — 0 to 100
  • Signal Quality Indicatory (SQI) — 0 to 100
  • EMG (Electromyograph) Indicator Bar — indicative of muscle activity and other high-frequency artifact
  • EEG Waveform Display — One or two channels of filtered electroencephalogram (EEG) waveforms
  • Suppression Ratio (SR) — 0% to 100% of time over the last 63-second period that the signal is considered to be in the suppressed state, indicating when an isoelectric (flatline) condition may exist.
  • Burst Count – Bursts/Minute — used with BIS™ extended use sensor
  • BIS™ Trend Graph — plots the value of the Bispectral Index™ over time
  • Automated BIS™ Sensor Check — optimized for faster sensor check

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