Gain easy access to the benefits of BIS™ technology

The BIS™ LoC (Level of Consciousness) 4 channel OEM module and BIS™ bilateral sensor provide the capability to detect hemispheric differences in the brain, which may prove useful for advanced monitoring applications.

Delivered in the same compact, portable, plug-and-play design as the BIS™ LoC 2 channel OEM module, the BIS™ LoC 4 channel OEM module provides advanced bilateral features, including four-channel EEG monitoring, a color-scaled density spectral array, and the BIS™-proprietary asymmetry indicator.

Technology Overview

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The BIS™ LoC (Level of Consciousness) 4 channel OEM module system is designed for easy integration into monitoring systems. It includes the OEM or standard host monitor cable, the main 4 channel BISx processing unit with integrated clamp, and the 4 channel patient interface cable (PIC4) that accepts the BIS™ bilateral sensor.

The BIS™ LoC 4 channel OEM module system provides all the BIS™ technology performance advantages and clinical benefits, plus additional advanced BIS™ brain monitoring features, including:

  • The ability to acquire and display up to four channels of raw EEG with waveform display. Two channels collected from the right and two channels from the left.
  • BIS™ available from either side of the brain to monitor levels of consciousness — BIS-L and BIS-R Values. Bilateral monitoring allows clinicians to trend both sides of the brain, using the Dual BIS™ Trend.
  • New parameter tools to assess hemispheric differences, including the density spectral array and asymmetry indicator (see below).

Advanced features provided by the BIS™ LoC 4 channel OEM module include:

  • The Density Spectral Array (DSA)—a graphical representation of a patient’s EEG frequency and power differences between the two brain hemispheres.
  • The Asymmetry (ASYM) Indicator—a proprietary BIS parameter, in black and white graph form, which provides a simple, quick, and easy-to-assess depiction of hemispheric differences in total power of the EEG between the left and right hemispheres.

The easy-to-use, uniquely designed BIS™ Bilateral Sensor:

  • Collects four channels of frontal EEG.
  • Is designed for symmetrical placement to capture bi-hemispheric data, providing easy, accurate BIS™ bilateral sensor placement.

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