A powerful platform of Microstream™ capnography

The Microstream™ microMediCO2 OEM module is the core component of Microstream™ etCOmeasurement technology. Smaller and lower power than previous models, the microMediCO2 OEM module can be designed into an even wider range of host configurations.

With less power required, the Microstream™ microMediCO2 OEM module makes etCO2 monitoring simple and accurate, even in the smallest and most portable monitors.

Respiratory Compromise is Common, Costly and Deadly

Learn more about the dangers of respiratory compromise.

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  • Measures etCO2, FiCO2, respiration rate
  • Clear, crisp CO2 waveforms, even in non-intubated patients
  • Highly accurate CO2 values, even in variable breathing conditions
  • Small, compact size
  • Rugged, reliable technology
  • Fast on power up; fully accurate at first reading
  • Low sampling flow rate of 50 ml/min, required for neonates
  • Low power consumption
  • RS-232, USB
  • RoHS compliant
  • Full suite of Smart Capnography™ algorithms
    • Integrated Pulmonary Index™ (IPI), measuring adequacy of ventilation and oxygenation
    • Smart Breath Detection™ Algorithm (Smart BDA), mitigating the effects of artifact, enabling quality monitoring for non-intubated general floor patients
    • Smart Alarm for Respiratory Analysis™ (SARA), to recognize and reduce nuisance alarms, promoting caregiver alarm vigilance.
    • Apnea-Sat Alert™ measuring apneas per hour and Oxygen Desaturation Index values to identify and quantify apneas and oxygen desaturation events.
  • etCO2 sampling solutions for all environments and patient populations
    • Adult, pediatric, neonate
    • Intubated (standard and high humidity)
    • Non-intubated (nasal, oral/nasal), with an option for O2 delivery, standard and high humidity
    • Smart CapnoLine™ guardian provides continuous nasal and oral CO2 monitoring and oral O2 delivery in upper endoscopy patients without compromise of patient position or endoscopic technique
  • Easy to integrate and versatile for all clinical applications and environments:
    • Procedural sedation 
    • General care floor
    • ICU – ventilation management, weaning and post weaning ventilation monitoring
    • NICU
    • Emergency department and prehospital EMS
    • Resuscitation environment 
    • Sleep labs
  • Complete OEM integration kit and technical support