Gain Greater Value with Smart Capnography™ Algorithms for Microstream™-Equipped OEM Devices

Smart Capnography™ is a family of algorithms engineered to reduce alarms and provide clinical utility for improved patient safety.

Available to OEM partners on the Microstream™ MicroMediCO2™ OEM module and with the Microstream™ MicroPod™ OEM module, Microstream™ Smart Capnography™ algorithms provide vital alarm management and clinical decision-support features that enhance the value of Microstream capnography in OEM host monitors and systems.

Patented Smart Capnography™ algorithms include:

  • Integrated Pulmonary Index™ (IPI)
  • Smart Alarm for Respiratory Analysis™ (SARA) with Smart Breath Detection™ Algorithm (Smart BDA)
  • Apnea-Sat Alert™ algorithm and Oxygen Desaturation Index.

Respiratory Compromise is Common, Costly and Deadly

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Smart Capnography™: Smart Alarm for Respiratory Analysis™ (SARA)

  • SARA™ uses Smart Capnography™ alarm management technology (Smart BDA™ and SARA™ algorithms) to recognize and reduce clinically insignificant respiratory alarms, while accurately reflecting the patient’s condition and preserving clinically significant alarm vigilance.
  • The Smart Breath Detection (SBD) algorithm rejects shallow, non-breath etCO2 excursions (talking, snoring, cardiogenic artifact) from being counted as breaths.
  • The SARA™ adaptive respiratory-rate averaging algorithm manages breath-to-breath variability
  • Together, these algorithms help reduce clinically insignificant alarms and create fewer alarms overall.

Smart Capnography™: Integrated Pulmonary Index™ (IPI)

  • IPI™ makes it easier to monitor and manage ventilation and oxygenation by providing an integrated snapshot of a patient’s respiratory status.
  • IPI™ incorporates four real-time respiratory measurements — etCO2, respiratory rate, pulse oximetry and pulse rate — into a single number that represents an inclusive respiratory profile.
  • IPI™ is displayed on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 indicating a normal respiratory status.
  • The IPI™ trend feature provides an early indication of changes in the patient’s respiratory status that may not be indicated by the current value of any of the four parameters individually.

Smart Capnography™: Apnea Sat-Alert™ and Oxygen Desaturation Index

  • Apnea Sat-Alert was developed to improve patient safety by simplifying identification of ventilation and oxygenation without the need for additional equipment or changes to clinical workflow.
  • The Apnea-Sat Alert algorithm reports apnea and oxygen desaturation events and calculates the associated apnea per hour (A/hr) and Oxygenation Desaturation Index (ODI) for adult patients (age 22 or older).
  • The Apnea and Oxygen Desaturation display, as well as the Apnea and Desaturation Report, may help caregivers identify the need for increased patient surveillance or intervention; confirm treatment; or understand the need to change treatment.


Easily Recognize Respiratory Status

See Integrated Pulmonary Index™ patient status ranges.