Nellcor™ sensor products with OxiMax™ technology are remanufactured to meet the same quality specifications as new Nellcor™ sensors.

When a hospital purchases remanufactured Nellcor™ sensors from Medtronic, it's getting high-quality products at significant cost savings. The sensors are remanufactured to original quality specifications.

The Nellcor™ Sensor Remanufacturing Program Makes Good Business Sense

Remanufacturing Nellcor™ sensors cuts the cost of medical supplies, reduces medical waste and helps the environment.

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For every qualifying sensor returned, the customer can purchase one remanufacturable sensor (i.e., 1 X credit calculation).*




Pulse oximetry innovation

OxiMax™ technology opens up a whole new world of pulse oximetry innovation that can help clinicians provide better patient care by more effectively monitoring a broader range of patients, including those who may have been difficult to monitor in the past based on certain clinical considerations.

  • * Some accounts have been grandfathered into 1.5X.