Enhanced visibility and maneuverability

The unique Endo GIA™ curved tip reload with Tri-Staple™ technology is the only stapler designed with a curved tip at the distal end of the anvil to provide enhanced visibility and maneuverability around target tissues and vessels.

3 Reasons to Use a Curve Tip Reload During Your Thoracoscopic Procedures

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  • Enhances visualization and maneuverability around target tissues and vessels
  • Aids in tissue manipulation, allowing for blunt dissection and mobilization
  • May result in operative time savings during dissection of anatomical structures([FOOTNOTE=In a retrospective review of 45 de-identified, unedited video of thoracoscopic lung resection cases, the curved tip was associated with better time savings during thoracoscopic lung resection procedures. “Anvil Extension Technology in Thoracic Surgery”; Annals of Thoracic Surgery; 2012; Vol 93: 1280-4.],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=])

The Endo GIA™ curved tip reload’s Tri-Staple™ technology provides:

  • Improved burst pressure strength*
  • Reduced tissue compression stress on outer staple row compared to Endo GIA™ Universal reloads
  • Consistent hemostatic performance across a broader indicated tissue range
  • Improved tissue retention during manipulation and transection

*The results from bench testing may not directly correlate with clinical performance.

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Stapling made smarter

No single stapler can address the wide range of tissue management issues surgeons face on a daily basis. That's why we have developed a portfolio of specialty stapling solutions within the Tri-Staple™ technology portfolio to provide the right tool to meet each specific challenge.