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The Valleylab™ Exchange Application Software Update System enables you to perform a first-time setup or update software on your devices. This ensures that your surgeons and staff have access to the latest performance features as new features and energy delivery profiles become available.

Select your device below for first-time setup instructions or to download the latest software.

Valleylab™ FT10 Energy Platform

Set up or update software for the Valleylab™ FT10 energy platform.

Valleylab™ LS10 Generator

Set up or update software for the Valleylab™ LS10 generator.

Emprint™ Ablation System Procedure Planning Software

Download and install procedure planning software for the Emprint™ ablation system.

ForceTriad™ Energy Platform

Update software for the ForceTriad™ energy platform.

Cool-tip™ RF Ablation System E Series

Update software for the Cool-tip™ RF ablation system E Series generator.

Signia™ Power Handle

Update software for the Signia™ power handle.