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Medtronic CareLink Network for Cardiac Device Patients

The Medtronic CareLink® Network is the nation’s leading remote monitoring service, connecting cardiac device patients to their clinic from home or away.* As a clinician, you have 24/7 access – via a secure Internet website – to a wide range of trended reports offering information comparable to an in-office visit. These diagnostic reports can be exported to your hospital network or EHR for greater accessibility to the data and clinical documentation. In addition, you can receive Medtronic CareAlert® Notifications which provide alerts to potential issues before they become problems. Note: transmissions should be scheduled based on medical necessity.

* Based on CareLink metrics database (December 2010)

† For new generation pacemakers that provide thresholds, such as the Adapta® family. CareLink report formats may vary from programmer report formats.

Medtronic CareLink Website

The Medtronic CareLink® Clinician Website is reengineered to offer improved design and functionality. An exclusive clinician-designed dashboard homepage triages information to help you see what’s important first.

Throughout every stage of our development process, from idea to the finish line, Medtronic partnered with clinicians to find out what they wanted in a redesigned website. The results? A website that allows you to:


The dashboard homepage triages information to help you identify clinical events and optimize patient care.


Use the site as is, or easily customize it. Create new information fields important to your clinic and add new columns to the Transmission and Patient lists.


Built-in tools reduce keystrokes and save time. Unified scheduling for all patients allows you to view the total CareLink schedule.

CareLink Home Monitor

CareLink Home Monitor

CareLink Home Monitor

The Medtronic CareLink® Home Monitor allows patients to send data from their cardiac device over a standard phone line for you or your clinic to review. The unit is small, portable, and very easy to use.

The CareLink Monitor (Models 2490C and 2490G/H/J) enables you to have access to the most current information from your patient’s device to ensure that it continues to provide the best treatment for your patient’s heart condition. Remote follow-up can make it easier for your patients to get the care they need. For some people, this means fewer office visits and less time traveling to and from their clinics.

For patients eligible for remote monitoring with the CareLink Network who do not have access to a standard phone line, Medtronic now offers a cellular accessory.

Patients should call 1 (877) 609-6698 to learn more about how to order the cellular accessory.

The cellular accessory offers patients the following benefits:


Patients can transmit device data any time, as instructed by your clinic, without a telephone landline or cell phone.


Compared to costs associated with in-clinic appointments, digital and landline phone charges, the cellular accessory offers patients an affordable solution for remote monitoring of their implanted device.*


Patients are free to travel globally and stay connected to their clinic via the CareLink Network with the cellular accessory.

* Crossley G, Boyle A, Berman BJ, Alsheikh T, Sodowick BC, Johnson SA, Vitense HS, et al. Patient and Caregiver Burden of Following Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators. Heart Rhythm. May 2008. 5(5):Suppl 1. S259

† Patients should call 1 (877) 609-6698 to confirm cellular coverage for a specific location.

Medtronic CareAlert Notifications

Customizable Alerts

The CareLink® Website offers customizable, color-coded alert notifications for devices with Conexus® Wireless Telemetry The Medtronic CareAlert® Notification levels can be designated as Red, Yellow, or Website-Only. The urgency levels can be set clinic-wide or customized for individual patients, when you determine it’s necessary.

Medtronic CareAlert Notifications

Medtronic CareAlert Notifications

You will be notified of wireless alerts via your choice of:

Wireless Alert Notification Methods

Wireless Alert Notification Methods

Live Call Alert – Exclusively for Red Alerts

A technical consultant automatically calls to inform you of a Red Alert. You will get the information you need to address time-sensitive device and clinical conditions promptly.

CareAlert Notification Descriptions

For alert notifications to be sent to the CareLink Website, “Home Monitor” alerts must be programmed to "On" in the device using the CareLink Programmer.

Clinical Management Alerts

  • AT/AF Daily Burden > Threshold
  • Fast Ventricular Rate during AT/AF
  • Number of Shocks Delivered in an Episode
  • All Therapies in a Zone Exhausted

Lead/Device Integrity Alerts

  • VF Detection/Therapy Off
  • Low Battery Voltage – Recommended Replacement Time
  • Excessive Charge Time – End of Service
  • RV Lead Integrity
  • Atrial Pacing Impedance Out of Range
  • Right Ventricular Pacing Impedance Out of Range
  • Left Ventricular Pacing Impedance Out of Range
  • Ventricular Defibrillation Impedance Out of Range
  • SVC (HVX) Defibrillation Impedance Out of Range

Nonprogrammable Alerts

  • Electrical Reset*
  • Pacing Mode DOO, VOO, or AOO*
  • Active Can® Off without SVC*
  • Charge Circuit Timeout*

Note: Alerts identified with an asterisk (*) are nonprogrammable alerts. A patient audible tone will always sound when a nonprogrammable device alert occurs.

CareLink Network for Pacemakers

The CareLink® Network for pacemakers gives you the same in-depth device information as an office visit:

  • Full Parameter Summary
  • Battery Voltage and Longevity
  • Lead Impedance and Trends
  • Automatic Capture Thresholds
  • Episodes
  • Percent Pacing
  • Histograms
  • Real-Time and Magnet EGMs
  • Stored EGMs
  • Arrhythmia Summary with Mode Switch Duration


  • Unlike transtelephonic monitoring (TTM), CareLink transmissions provide the same device information as an in-office visit.1
  • CareLink transmissions enable clinicians to detect episodes and quickly triage special medical situations.
  • A study found 22% of CareLink transmissions revealed clinically relevant information not apparent on electrograms (TTM).2


  • Compared with TTM, CareLink follow-ups are convenient for the clinic. Transmissions can be sent any time of the day. No nurse or tech is needed on the phone line during the transmission.
  • Patients don’t have to struggle with placing wristbands and a magnet. Plus, they don’t have to deal with hooking up a contemporary phone receiver to an outdated TTM device.
  • Medtronic owns and manages CareLink Monitor inventory and sends monitors directly to patients at no charge.


  • Clinicians connect to the CareLink Network for data – anytime, anywhere – with Internet access.
  • Patients report a sense of reassurance knowing they can connect to their care team from anywhere in the United States.3
  • CareLink patients express greater satisfaction with their care team.4

Earl Bakken, Medtronic founder, enjoys the convenience of the CareLink Network (1:21, 6.6 MB) to transmit data from his pacemaker to physicians in Minneapolis.


  1. For new generation pacemakers that provide thresholds, such as the Adapta® family. CareLink report formats may vary from programmer report formats.
  2. Serwer GA, Fischbach PS, Stephens GM, Ryder CL, Dick M II. Initial experience with an enhanced transtelephonic pacemaker follow-up system in patients with structural cardiac disease. Heart Rhythm. May 2006;3(5)(suppl 1):S174.
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  4. Based on Patient Market Research, a 2003 survey of 150 patients with Medtronic cardiac devices, 30 of whom used the Medtronic CareLink Network.

CareLink Network for ICDs and CRT-D Devices

Medtronic offers Conexus® Wireless Telemetry for its newest ICDs and CRT-D devices. Convenient wireless interrogation takes place automatically while the patient sleeps, alleviating patient compliance issues and saving the patient valuable time and effort. Using the CareLink® Website, your clinic staff can pre-schedule automatic device checks for each patient, minimizing time spent rescheduling missed appointments and playing phone tag. The CareLink Network with Conexus Wireless Telemetry offers customizable, color-coded alert notifications to enable quick identification of patients who require action.

Optimize, customize and simplify ICD and CRT-D patient care on the CareLink website.


Whether your ICD/CRT-D patients have wireless or non-wireless devices, you can enjoy valuable time savings with the CareLink Network. The dashboard homepage on the CareLink Website triages clinical events so you can see what’s important first to optimize patient care. For example, instead of seeing an endless list of patients, CareLink users can view a list of patients with events or patients with missed transmissions.

Remote monitoring with the CareLink Network provides 65% time savings (PDF, 190 KB) over in-office checks.1 CareLink transmissions can be automatically downloaded to a patient’s Paceart® System record (PDF, 268 KB). And when patients call the clinic feeling symptomatic, you can choose to have them send you a CareLink transmission so you can efficiently triage their care. According to a report in PACE (PDF, 341 KB), CareLink follow-up ensures timely identification of clinically important issues and can help avert emergency department visits.2

For patients using Conexus® Wireless Telemetry, there is the additional benefit of automatic device checks, allowing for minimal patient involvement. Transmissions occur silently and invisibly as your patient sleeps, alleviating patient compliance issues. The CareLink Network with Conexus telemetry also offers efficient website scheduling, which helps minimize time spent rescheduling missed appointments and playing telephone tag.


The CareLink Network can be customized to add data fields and columns important to a clinic. For patients with devices enabled with Conexus wireless telemetry, Medtronic offers customizable, color-coded alert notifications. Alert levels can be designated as Red, Yellow, or Website-only. The urgency levels can be set clinic wide or customized for individual patients, when necessary. Options for being notified of wireless alerts include: Website, Voice Message, Pager, Text Message, Email Message, or a Live Call.

Wireless Alert Notification Methods

Wireless Alert Notification Methods

When a patient’s device detects an alert that your have programmed “On,” such as AT/AF or a device integrity issue, the device will attempt to make a wireless connection to the CareLink Monitor immediately for notification – and will re-attempt to communicate as needed every three hours for three days. Medtronic wants to ensure that you receive the alert as quickly as possible. With the Medtronic CareAlert system, you can manage more than your patients’ devices; you can help care for your patients’ lives.


The CareLink Website has built-in tools to reduce key strokes and save time. Unified scheduling, for example, allows you to view the total CareLink schedule and manage all patients in a similar manner. The website simplifies patient enrollment too; adding a patient starts with completing just two fields. And patients can be transferred online to and from another clinic.


  1. Falk D, Straub K. Practice efficiency improvements resulting from the use of Medtronic CareLink Network Remote Monitoring Service. Fairfield, Iowa: Human Factors International, July 2004.
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CareLink Network for ICMs

Reveal<sup>®</sup> Insertable Cardiac Monitor 

Reveal® Insertable Cardiac Monitor

Reveal® DX and Reveal® XT Insertable Cardiac Monitors (ICMs), used to capture information about your syncope and/or AF patients, are also supported on the CareLink® Network. Remote monitoring of Reveal ICM patients offers you easy access to diagnostic and monitoring information, and at-home convenience for your patients.

Easy, Automatic Access

Provides comprehensive current and historical diagnostic data remotely, which may help you make timely, informed decisions.

Patient Peace of Mind and Convenience1

Allows patients to send data immediately so diagnostic and monitoring information may be expedited without a clinic visit.

Clinic Efficiency

Patients can send diagnostic data at any time from home or away, which may eliminate the need for a clinic follow-up visit.


  1. Medtronic CareLink Network: Patient Satisfaction Survey, April 2007.

CareLink Mobile Application


Now you can access the same data available on the CareLink® Network - anytime, anywhere.

  • Direct mobile access to reports on the CareLink Network*
  • Review Medtronic CareAlert® transmissions anytime, anywhere so you can triage clinical events and take action
  • The CareLink Mobile Application is easy to download
    Click here for free download
  • Click here to watch a :30 promotional video of the CareLink Mobile Application
  • Click here to view a tutorial and obtain additional product information

All patient and clinical data are fictitious and for demonstration purposes only.

iTunes is a trademark of Apple, Inc., registered in the United States and other countries.

* Data availability and alert notifications are subject to Internet connectivity and access, and service availability.

† The CareLink Home Monitor must be on and in range of the device. Alert notifications are not intended to be used as the sole basis for making decisions about patient medical care.



CareLink Express Service
for Implanted Medtronic Cardiac Devices

What is CareLink Express Service?

CareLink Express™ Service is the world’s first remote monitoring service designed for use in healthcare settings (e.g., emergency rooms, operating room procedural areas, hospital nursing floors, etc.).1 CareLink Express Service allows clinicians to quickly interrogate Medtronic implanted cardiac devices using a CareLink monitor, and receive a remote technical assessment regarding the status of the implanted cardiac device in minutes.


Quick access. Quick response.

Patients with implanted cardiac devices who arrive at a healthcare facility currently have to wait for qualified personnel to arrive to check their device. This process can take upwards of two hours and cause bottlenecks to patient throughput in the hospital department.2

Now, with the CareLink Express Service, clinicians no longer have to wait for a cardiac device expert to arrive at their facility. The addition of this technology helps automate the cardiac device interrogation process.


The diagnostic data from the cardiac device interrogation is transmitted to the CareLink Network where it can be accessed and reviewed remotely by a device expert. The device report can then be transferred to the patient’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) and the CareLink Network.*

CareLink Express Service = High-Quality, Efficient Care

Fast: Access to experts and device diagnostic data in minutes – accelerating clinical decision-making1

More complete: Improve documentation and communication

Cost-effective: Expedite care in expensive care settings1

To see how the CareLink Express Service works,
click here to view a 5-minute video.

carelink video thumbnail


To learn more about the CareLink Express Service and how you can provide more efficient care to your Medtronic cardiac device patients, please visit or contact your local Medtronic representative.

* If the patient is not enrolled in the CareLink Network at a device-following clinic, the transmission will be accessible on the CareLink Express website (for those facilities utilizing the CareLink Express Service) for seven days, and after that the data will no longer be available.


  1. CareLink Express Service Pilot Launch Results, May 2012.
  2. CareLink Express Field Evaluation, November 2011.

Patient Information Site

CARELINK Patient Website

A patient website for cardiac patients enrolled in the Medtronic CareLink Network

The CareLink® Patient Information Site ( is the first dedicated website for cardiac patients enrolled in a remote monitoring system, and is available for all patients who have implanted Medtronic cardiac devices.1 The website is convenient for you and your patients, and may help your clinic save valuable time.

The website provides secure, easy electronic access that helps patients, their family members and friends stay informed of the following:

  • Successfully received remote transmissions
  • Missed remote transmissions
  • Next scheduled remote transmission dates

Website users may select from the following notification methods:

  • Email*
  • Text message*
  • The website is always an option for message delivery

Clinicians can complete a one-time clinic setup on the CareLink Clinician Website. This is where clinicians select the type of message notifications they want their patients to receive (e.g., Successfully received, Missed, Next scheduled). Clinicians can also enter additional information about their clinic.

If you would like additional information about the website, including clinic setup guidelines, please go to Medtronic Academy.


  1. CareLink Patient Website Internal Data on File (DSN008053, DSN008054).

* Email and text notifications are available only if the clinic chooses these as options for their patients.

MyCareLink™ Patient Monitor


MyCareLink Patient Monitor makes it easy for your patients to connect to your clinic from almost anywhere in the world, with integrated global cellular technology. Patients simply plug the monitor into a power source, and ensure there is a cellular signal and that the monitor is in range of the implanted device.

Learn more at




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