Medtronic Paceart

Case Studies


Case Study 1

Clinic Serves More Patients More Thoroughly with Paceart - Medtronic CareLink Integration at Burlington, Vermont Clinic (PDF, 1.4 MB)
Clinic Case Study: Fletcher Allen Health Care, Burlington, Vermont.

Clinic serves more patients more thoroughly with Paceart®-Medtronic CareLink® integration.

Case Study 2

Patient Care and Clinic Management Using Medtronic's Connectivity Solutions, Including the Paceart System (PDF, 113 KB)
Clinic Case Study: Iowa Heart Center, Des Moines, Iowa.

Iowa Heart Center relies on several Medtronic technologies to manage the growing, multiple-site practice and increase operational efficiencies.

Case Study 3

In Quest for Efficiency, SessionSync Data Transfer Proves Its Worth at Clinic in Lancaster, PA (PDF, 104 KB)
Clinic Case Study: The Heart Group, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

SessionSync® allows clinic staff to transfer follow-up session data from the Medtronic CareLink® 2090 Programmer directly into patients' Paceart® records.

Last updated: 22 Sep 2010

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