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Cardiac Rhythm Disease Management
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Physician Coding Resources

Medtronic provides medical coding resources related to Cardiac Rhythm Disease Management products and procedures to help facilitate appropriate medical billing and coding practices for service provided

Medicare releases Physician Rule. All related information can be found here.

To determine the Medicare physician payment rates in your area, consult the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Search tool.


Coding Reference Guides

Reveal® Reimbursement Guide and Tip Card

Reveal® Reimbursement Guide (PDF, 173 KB, 4 pages)
This booklet presents reimbursement information for Reveal XT and Reveal DX Insertable Cardiac Monitors.

Reveal XT™ Tip Card (PDF, 230 KB, 2 pages)
This tip card contains indications, guidelines, clinical evidence, and coding overview for diagnosing suspected arrhythmias.

2015 Catheter Ablation Reimbursement Guide

2015 Catheter Ablation Reimbursement Guide (PDF, 2.4 MB, 8 pages)
This 2015 guide provides coding information related to Catheter Ablation procedures for inpatient and outpatient hospitals and physicians.

QR Modifier Is Replaced With Q0 (Zero) Modifier - Implemented July 6, 2010

CMS Manual System: Pub 100-20 One-Time Notification (PDF, 195 KB)
The QR modifier which was used to identify primary prevention patients indicated for an ICD has been replaced with a new modifier, Q0 (zero). The Q0 modifier should be used on both physician and hospital outpatient claims. This document provides full details on the modification.

Reimbursement Guide for ICD Implants

Reimbursement Guide for ICD Implants (PDF, 711 KB)
This guide has been developed to assist you in seeking coverage and payment for ICD and CRT-D therapies. It also provides hospital and physician coding information and some answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Payment Resources

Medicare Physician Payment

Medicare physician payment rates are updated on a calendar year basis. Medicare physician fee schedule payment rate information is included below.

Medicare Physician Relative Value Units (RVUs)

2015 Cardiac Device Follow-Up Procedures (PDF, 116 KB, 4 pages)

2015 Electrophysiology Procedures (PDF, 100 KB, 3 pages)

2015 Implant and Replacement Procedures (PDF, 88 KB, 2 pages)

To determine the Medicare physician payment rates in your area, consult the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Search tool.


Medicare Physician Services
Medicare regulations (proposed and final) are available at:

Last updated: 7 Apr 2015

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