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Related Products for Head and Neck Surgery

We offer a variety of powered and manual products for head and neck surgery, including thyroidectomy procedures and parathyroid surgery.


NIM 3.0 Nerve Monitoring Systems for ENT surgeries

NIM Intraoperative Nerve Monitoring Systems

Our intraoperative NIM® Nerve Monitoring Systems enable surgeons to identify and confirm motor nerve function and monitor major motor nerves during head and neck surgery, such as thyroidectomies, as well as other procedures performed by ENT, endocrine, and general surgeons. If there is a change in nerve function, the NIM System may provide visual and audible warnings to alert the surgeon. This helps reduce the risk of intraoperative nerve damage, improving safety and peace of mind for both surgeons and patients.

NIM EMG Endotracheal Tubes

Studies indicate that intraoperative nerve monitoring of the recurrent laryngeal nerve is recommended as a risk-minimizing tool during neck dissections, including thyroidectomies.1-6 Our innovative NIM EMG Endotracheal Tube provides both an open airway for patient ventilation and intraoperative nerve monitoring capability. Embedded bipolar stainless steel contact electrodes monitor the nerves in both vocal cords. Together with the NIM System, a properly positioned NIM EMG Endotracheal Tube can reduce the risk of injury to the patient during thyroidectomy by helping the surgeon to:


NIM EMG Endotracheal Tube for nerve monitoring during thyroidectomies

  • Identify the recurrent laryngeal, vagus, or other motor nerves at risk
  • Control manipulation during dissection
  • Verify the integrity of the nerve prior to surgical closure

Watch a surgical video demonstrating the MicroFrance® Terris Thryoidectomy Instruments and NIM® Nerve Monitoring System:

Endoscopic thyroidectomy (7:24, 27.6 MB)

Open thyroidectomy (5:47, 21.7 MB)

For more information about our head and neck surgery or thyroidectomy products, please contact your local Medtronic ENT representative.


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