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MicroFrance Benninger Instruments for microlaryngeal surgery

Benninger Microlaryngeal Surgery Instrument Set

The reverse action handle in this microlaryngeal surgery set facilitates maximum hand stability during fine microlaryngeal surgery.

Benninger Microlaryngeal Surgery Instrument Set

Developed in conjunction with Michael Benninger, MD

The instruments in the MicroFrance® Benninger Microlaryngeal Surgery Instrument Set are intended to provide maximum hand stabilization during microlaryngeal surgery. Reverse action handles are thumb-activated to reduce the amount of distal tip movement and wrist movement required for easier, atraumatic dissection when performing delicate microlaryngeal surgery.

The complete MicroFrance Benninger Microlaryngeal Surgery Instrument Set provides instruments for microlaryngeal manipulation and dissection, including forceps, knives, retractors, injection instruments, suction cannulas, and spatulas.

For more information or to order the MicroFrance Benninger Microlaryngeal Surgery Instruments, please contact your local Medtronic ENT representative.

Premier MicroFrance ENT instruments are developed with renowned ENT surgeons to facilitate new surgical techniques, improve patient outcomes, and provide exceptional quality and precision for ENT surgery.

Note: Sets are only available in the US. If you are outside the US, items in the set may be ordered individually.

Last updated: 9 Jan 2013

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