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Related Products for Laryngeal Surgery and Airway Procedures

We offer a broad range of powered and manual products for laryngeal surgery and airway procedures, providing precision and versatility when performing airway procedures in both adult and pediatric patients.

Straightshot® M4 Microdebrider for Airway Procedures

The Straightshot® M4 Microdebrider offers precision and versatility for airway procedures and other ENT surgery

Skimmer Laryngeal Blade for treating RRP and other airway lesions 

Skimmer Laryngeal Blade for airway procedures to treat recurrent respiratory papillomatosis (RRP) and other airway lesions

Powered ENT Instruments

Medtronic’s Powered ENT Instruments include innovative tools for airway procedures as well as other ENT surgeries. With its precision and versatility, our award-winning Straightshot® M4 Microdebrider is well-suited for a variety of airway procedures. It allows custom speed, suction, and irrigation settings, as well as the simplicity of preset application-specific settings via our Integrated Power Console (IPC® System).

You can use our innovative, application-specific Straightshot blades for airway procedures that deliver maximum flexibility for treating either adult or pediatric patients. Cutting edges progress from the less aggressive Skimmer® Blade for precise excision of small lesions in delicate areas to the most aggressive Tricut® Blade for rapid removal of large bulky growths.

Additional Products

For our complete line of products for laryngeal surgery and airway procedures, see our online ENT Product Catalog.

Last updated: 9 Jan 2013

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