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MicroFrance Sataloff Micro-Laryngeal Instruments for laryngeal surgery

Sataloff Laryngeal Surgery Instruments

These innovative laryngeal surgery instruments and laryngoscopes offer exceptional precision to help minimize trauma in delicate laryngeal surgery, microlaryngeal surgery, and phonosurgery.

Sataloff Laryngeal Surgery Instruments

Developed in conjunction with Robert T. Sataloff, MD

Microlaryngeal Surgery Instrument Set

This set consists of very sharp, precise, and fine-tipped instruments for delicate laryngeal microsurgery. These instruments are designed to enable you to perform precise and minimally traumatic laryngeal surgery procedures for the treatment of vocal fold pathologies. The special heart-shaped graspers feature atraumatic jaws with high quality serrations, ideal for mini-microflap procedures.

View a laryngeal surgery technique brochure of Micro-Direct Laryngoscopy using the Sataloff Microlaryngeal Instrument Set.

MicroFrance Sataloff Laryngoscope for laryngeal surgery

MicroFrance Sataloff Laryngoscope for laryngeal surgery, medium female size

MicroFrance Sataloff Vallecula Laryngoscope for laryngeal surgery

MicroFrance Sataloff Vallecula Laryngoscope for laryngeal surgery

MicroFrance Sataloff Indirect Laryngeal Surgery Instruments

Sataloff Indirect Laryngeal Instruments for performing office-based indirect laryngeal surgery


The MicroFrance Sataloff Laryngoscopes enable optimal visualization during laryngeal surgery with an enhanced design for examining the vocal cords at the anterior commissure and vallecular regions.

These laryngoscopes feature a large proximal opening for true binocular microscope vision, while dual light fibers and dual suction offer maximum illumination and visualization during microsurgery. The elevated triangular tips are blunted to reduce tissue trauma when performing laryngeal surgery.

All of the laryngoscopes may be used with the MicroFrance suspension apparatus and chest plate. Multiple sizes and configurations of laryngoscopes are available to accommodate various patient anatomies.

Indirect Laryngeal Instrument Set

With a combination of forceps, scissors, and suction instruments, this set offers a complete selection of microlaryngeal instruments for performing indirect laryngeal surgical procedures in an office setting. Instruments are fixed at a 110º angle, which allows access to the laryngeal region with the patient in a sitting position.

For more information or to order MicroFrance Sataloff Laryngeal Surgery Instruments, please contact your local Medtronic ENT representative.

Premier MicroFrance ENT instruments are developed with renowned ENT surgeons to facilitate new surgical techniques, improve patient outcomes, and provide exceptional quality and precision for ENT surgery.

Note: Sets are only available in the US. If you are outside the US, items in the set may be ordered individually.

Last updated: 9 Jan 2013

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