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MicroFrance Wormald Bipolar Forceps with Suction for Endoscopic Sinus and Anterior Skull Base Surgery

Wormald Bipolar Forceps with Suction

These forceps facilitate access and visibility during skull base surgery, with longer lengths to reach the pituitary and suction that retracts when not in use.

Wormald Bipolar Forceps with Suction

Developed in conjunction with PJ Wormald, MD, FRACS, FRCS

The MicroFrance® Wormald Bipolar Forceps with Suction help achieve hemostasis during endoscopic sinus and anterior skull base surgery. With a slim profile, fine tips, and integrated suction, the forceps’ special design facilitates optimum visualization and access during skull base surgical procedures.

  • Forceps are able to reach the pituitary
  • Integrated suction may be advanced independently of cautery tips to provide clear visibility of the operative site, and then retracted during cauterization
  • Contoured suction cannula reduces overall diameter without compromising suction capability
  • Integrated flush port facilitates cleaning and debris removal

Watch a surgical video demonstrating the MicroFrance Wormald Bipolar Forceps:

Please contact your local Medtronic ENT representative for more information or to order the MicroFrance Wormald Bipolar Forceps with Suction for endoscopic anterior skull base surgery and sinus procedures.

Premier MicroFrance ENT instruments are developed with renowned ENT surgeons to facilitate new surgical techniques, improve patient outcomes, and provide exceptional quality and precision for ENT surgery.

Note: Sets are only available in the US. If you are outside the US, items in the set may be ordered individually.

Last updated: 9 Jan 2013

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