Endoscopic Sinus Irrigation System

Related Powered Surgery Products

We offer related ENT surgery products that can be used in conjunction with our Hydrodebrider® System, an innovative chronic sinusitis treatment that uses pressurized sinus irrigation to help remove bacteria that cause ongoing sinus infections.

Integrated Power Console (IPC System)

Integrated Power Console, a Medtronic ENT Surgery System

Integrated Power Console (IPC System) for ENT Surgery

The IPC® System is a multispecialty surgical power console for removing soft tissue, hard tissue, and bone during ENT surgeries. Our IPC System and its suite of application-specific products make it the most versatile surgical power console on the market. From inferior turbinoplasties to complex skull base cases, the IPC platform can serve your full range of ENT surgery needs.

Powers Your Favorite Medtronic Handpieces

The IPC System powers all of your favorite Medtronic ENT handpieces. You can connect up to four handpieces at once, including the Straightshot® M4 MicrodebriderLegend EHS Stylus® Drill, Endo-Scrub® 2 Lens Cleaning Sheaths, and Skeeter® Otologic Drill.

Innovative Irrigation Control

During ENT surgery, the IPC suction-irrigation system provides a simple solution for irrigation control in the OR. Its user-friendly design includes optimized pre-set flow rates for all French tips. Plus, the unique IntelliFlow™ Remote Control allows for easy on/off, tip size, and flow rate changes from the sterile field.

Multifunction Footpedal

The IPC footpedal offers 3 buttons for maximum control during ENT surgery. Its non-slip design and compact size make it ideal for operating rooms. The hoop locks firmly in place, then collapses easily for storage.

Straightshot M4 Microdebrider


Straightshot M4 Microdebrider for Powered ENT Surgery

The Straightshot® M4 Microdebrider is an innovative powered handpiece for ENT surgery that helps improve intraoperative functionality and precision when incising or removing soft tissue, hard tissue, or bone. Winner of a Medical Device Excellence Award, it’s the first microdebrider that lets you rotate only the tip of the curved blade during ENT surgery. This allows you to perform 360-degree cutting in the frontal sinuses, a more complete removal of polyps and mucin in the maxillary sinuses, and gain greater access to target tissue in the lateral and posterior areas of the airway.

Our microdebrider has a unique precision finger wheel control for rotating the blade tip, while integrated suction helps keep the surgical site clear. Additionally, the sculpted shape of the Straightshot M4 Microdebrider accommodates multiple hand positions and provides ergonomic comfort for ENT surgeons with large or small hands.

With better, more comfortable access to sinus and airway anatomy, ENT surgeons can perform a more precise, complete removal of obstructive or diseased tissue with the Straightshot M4 Microdebrider.

Our complete line of blades and burs makes the Straightshot M4 Microdebrider the most versatile handpiece for ENT surgery in adults and children. Some examples of this versatility include:

  • Precisely excising bone from the nasal crest in a frontal sinusotomy with an irrigated curved bur at 12,000 rpm
  • Removing submucosal stromal tissue from hypertrophied inferior turbinates
  • Endoscopically debulking laryngeal and tracheal tumors
  • Delicately removing papilloma from the vocal fold at an ultra-low 60 rpm

The Straightshot M4 Microdebrider for ENT surgery is powered by our multi-function Integrated Power Console (IPC® System).

Fusion ENT Navigation System

Fusion ENT Navigation System from Medtronic 

Fusion ENT Navigation System

Medtronic’s Fusion ENT Navigation System is the first and only electromagnetic image guidance system for ENT surgeries that provides the high-level accuracy of an optical system, works with reusable standard instruments, and enables customized surgeon settings. Our Fusion System helps you make quick, data-driven decisions during ENT surgeries and is supported by a large, dedicated ENT sales and specialized ENT clinical support staff.

For added convenience, you can use the Fusion System with our Straightshot® M4 Automated EM Tracking Blades. They’re the first and only blades that arrive factory-calibrated for navigation right out of the box, to save you time.

Learn more about the Fusion ENT Navigation System.

Endo-Scrub 2 Lens Cleaning Sheaths


Endo-Scrub 2 Lens Cleaning Sheaths Enhance Endoscopic Visualization During ENT Surgery

Our software-driven Endo-Scrub® 2 Lens Cleaning Sheaths are rigid endoscope accessories that help ENT surgeons maintain maximum visualization at the surgical site during nasal and sinus endoscopic surgery, without removing the endoscope. An Endo-Scrub 2 Sheath delivers a high-power burst of irrigation to flush debris out of the endoscope lens tip. When used correctly, an Endo-Scrub 2 Sheath provides outstanding and consistent view maintenance, while only adding 0.7 mm to the endoscope’s barrel diameter profile. You can also use it during routine nasal and sinus diagnostic procedures.

Improved Software and Sheath Design

To deliver the clearest view possible, our new Endo-Scrub 2 software is fully integrated with and optimized for our Integrated Power Console (IPC® System). Multiple software improvements ensure that all fluid is evacuated from the sheath to keep the lens from fogging. We also redesigned all of our sheaths with a new design that helps secure the endoscope in the sheath to prevent seepage.

Key Features

  • Automatically adjusts forward and reverse flow to clean the endoscope lens when you tap the footswitch
  • Six cycle settings allow you to customize performance
  • Auto-prime prohibits drips or air bubbles from forming over the endoscope lens
  • Covers a broad range of endoscopes by multiple manufacturers
  • Easier set-up and switching between endoscopes with pump head design

Bioresorbable Nasal Packing

To absorb drainage, control minimal bleeding, and prevent the middle turbinate from lateralizing following functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS), Medtronic offers innovative bioresorbable nasal packing. It eliminates the need for packing removal, which can be extremely painful for your patients.

MeroGel Dissolvable Nasal

Detail - MeroGel® Bioresorbable Nasal Packing results in fewer adhesions.1 

Fewer Adhesions and Reduced Healing Time with Hyaluronic Acid

Our bioresorbable nasal packing products use hyaluronic acid, a linear polysaccharide and naturally occurring constituent of the extracellular matrix. It helps keep the surgical site moist, reduce adhesions, and decrease healing time.1 Esterified hyaluronic acid, or HYAFF®, is a patented formula that is used in our MeroGel® and MeroPack® nasal packing products.

The Right Nasal Packing for Your Patient

You can compare the products below to help you choose a nasal packing for your patient's needs.

MeroGel Bioresorbable Nasal Packing from Medtronic 

MeroGel Bioresorbable Nasal Packing

MeroGel Bioresorbable Nasal Packing and Sinus Stent

The woven fleece form of this nasal packing can be used in its dry state to absorb up to 10 times its weight in liquids and help control minimal bleeding. When hydrated, the biopolymer gradually transforms into a muco-adhesive gel, separates mucosal surfaces and gradually is resorbed, eliminating painful nasal packing removal. Doctors who use MeroGel® packing have observed better healing in clinical studies.1, 2

MeroGel Injectable Bioresorbable Nasal Packing from Medtronic 

MeroGel Injectable Bioresorbable Nasal Packing

MeroGel Injectable Bioresorbable Nasal Dressing and Sinus Stent

MeroGel Injectable Bioresorbable Nasal Dressing and Sinus Stent physically separates mucosal surfaces to prevent nasal adhesions during the important postoperative healing period. A thick viscous hydrogel, MeroGel Injectable is composed of cross-linked hyaluronic acid - a biocompatible agent that creates a moist wound-healing environment. MeroGel Injectable contains 160 mg of cross-linked hyaluronic acid in each 4 mL syringe. MeroGel Injectable offers: mucoadhesiveness and ease of use; 40 mg/mL of cross-linked hyaluronic acid; and a flexible catheter for easier access to hard-to-reach nasal cavities.

MeroPack Bioresorbable Nasal Dressing and Sinus Stent

MeroPack Bioresorbable Nasal Dressing and Sinus Stent

MeroPack Bioresorbable Nasal Dressing and Sinus Stent

MeroPack is the first combination dressing designed for postoperative hemostasis and wound-healing. It is composed of 80 percent HYAFF plus 20 percent collagen, which helps control minimal bleeding following surgery or nasal trauma. In the hydrated state, MeroPack is a biocompatible, mucoadhesive gel that absorbs approximately 14 times its weight in fluid and provides excellent stenting capabilities. It is slowly resorbed, eliminating the need for painful nasal packing removal.

Additional Packing Products

For our full line of nasal packing materials, see our online ENT Product Catalog.


  1. Berlucchi M, Castelnuovo P, Vincenzi A, Morra B, Pasquini E. Endoscopic outcomes of resorbable nasal packing after functional endoscopic sinus surgery: a multicenter prospective randomized controlled study. Eur Arch Otorhinolaryngol 2009; 266(6); 839-45.
  2. Franklin JH, Wright ED. Randomized, controlled study of absorbable nasal packing on outcomes of surgical treatment of rhinosinusitis with polyposis. Am J Rhinol, 2007; 21(2) 214-7.


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