MicroFrance Laparoscopic Instruments
MicroFrance Laparoscopic Instruments

MicroFrance Laparoscopic Instruments

These innovative laparoscopic instruments for general surgery are the product of an inspired collaboration between MicroFrance engineers and leading surgeons. MicroFrance Laparoscopic Instruments are meticulously crafted by master technicians with an average 17 years of experience.

About MicroFrance Laparoscopic Instruments


MicroFrance Laparoscopic Instruments offer excellent versatility for general surgeons.


Throughout manufacturing, MicroFrance Laparoscopic Instruments are hand-finished by master technicians.

Since 1970, the MicroFrance® line of premier laparoscopic instruments has been known for exceptional quality, precision, and durability. MicroFrance engineers collaborate with world-renowned surgeons to develop new laparoscopic instruments and surgical techniques that help improve patients’ lives.

With a true understanding of your expectations, many years of experience, and a dedication to fine craftsmanship, MicroFrance technicians transform the functional into the exceptional. Surgeons prefer the precision, quality, and atraumatic grasping of MicroFrance Laparoscopic Instruments, which are available in standard and modular designs.

Medtronic also offers premier MicroFrance ENT instruments, developed with leading ENT surgeons around the world.

What Is The MicroFrance Difference?

You’ll know the difference when you use a MicroFrance laparoscopic instrument because of its unique feel and touch, the way all of its components custom-fit perfectly together. These premier laparoscopic instruments are designed with exacting precision for smooth and seamless operation that complements the surgeon’s skill.

From initial design to final inspection, each MicroFrance laparoscopic instrument is created with an unwavering commitment to quality and precise craftsmanship from beginning to end:

  1. Design and Engineering
    Every component of every laparoscopic instrument is carefully designed in response to your needs and expectations as a surgeon.
  2. Training, Skill, and Experience of Technicians
    MicroFrance technicians are masters of their craft, possessing an average 17 years of experience.
  3. Microscopic Hand-Finishing and Sculpting
    Fine adjustment by hand occurs throughout manufacturing to ensure that all components fit together perfectly. This custom fit distinguishes MicroFrance Laparoscopic Instruments from all others.
  4. 100% Inspected
    Every MicroFrance laparoscopic instrument is inspected for perfect quality, accurate specifications, and the custom fit of each component.

History of MicroFrance Instruments

MicroFrance was founded as a company in 1970 and soon gained a reputation for premier quality and innovation. Acquired by Medtronic in 1999, we’re committed to maintaining the tradition of excellence that surgeons expect from MicroFrance laparoscopic instruments. All MicroFrance products are still designed and manufactured at the MicroFrance facility in St. Aubin, France.

Last updated: 9 Jan 2013

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Medtronic offers premier MicroFrance laparoscopic instruments.



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