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Shunt Catheters and Adjustment Systems

Shunt Catheters

Ventricular Shunt Catheters

Ventricular Shunt Catheters are fabricated from silicone elastomer which is either barium impregnated, translucent, or translucent with a barium-impregnated stripe. Barium is radiopaque and allows visualization of the catheters with X-ray. The catheters are available in standard, small, flanged, and “snap” shunt models. Shunt catheters are available in a variety of lengths, diameters, tip designs, and flow-hole configurations. All catheters are latex free.

  • The small catheter has the same material characteristics as the standard catheter. Its smaller diameter is recommended for infants.
  • The snap shunt ventricular catheter is of standard-sized silicone elastomer tubing and is designed to be connected to a Snap Shunt Assembly.
  • Non-metallic design of ventricular catheters will not interfere with MRI or CT scans.
  • Each catheter is packaged with a stainless steel stylet to aid in implantation.
  • All ventricular shunt catheters are latex free.

Distal Shunt Catheters

Distal Shunt Catheters are attached to the distal end of an implanted hydrocephalus shunt valve. They are designed to continue the flow of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) from the ventricles of the brain to the peritoneal cavity or the right atrium of the heart.

Distal Shunt Catheters are available for cardiac and peritoneal use. They are differentiated by diameter, material type, and tip design. Closed tip catheters are indicated for placement into either the peritoneal cavity or the right atrium of the heart, while open tip catheters are for peritoneal placement only. Catheter slits are coated with graphite to prevent the silicone edges from sticking together during storage.

  • The small catheter has the same material characteristics as the standard catheter. Its smaller diameter is recommended for infants.
  • Non-metallic design of the distal catheters will not interfere with MRI or CT scans.
  • All distal shunt catheters are latex free.

Important Safety Information

The most common complications associated with this product are due to obstruction of the system, infection, and mechanical malfunction. Catheters may become kinked, disconnected, or blocked. At times the common complications can provide serious risks and should be treated promptly as such. It is important to review the product labeling for complete safety information, potential complications, contraindications, and a complete explanation of warnings and precautions.

Strata Adjustment Systems

Physiological changes may cause a change to the patient’s pressure/flow performance level needs. In these cases the pressure/flow performance level of a shunt needs to be revised. The advent of adjustable hydrocephalus valves has made this experience simpler, more cost-effective, and less traumatic than past revisions of fixed pressure shunts.

The adjustment and verification of the pressure setting on a Strata Adjustable Shunt can be done easily with either one of two different systems: the Strata Adjustment Tools, or the StrataVarius® Adjustment System. The StrataVarius and the Adjustment Tools are small enough to fit into the physician’s pocket and do not require an outside power source. Both systems have proven accurate enough in verification that they do not require further confirmation via X-ray, unlike some of the other adjustment systems on the market. The patient’s shunt can be adjusted in the physician’s office or examination room.

StrataVarius Adjustment System (3:11, 27.9MB)
Animation of the StrataVarius Adjustment System.

StrataVarius Shunt Adjustment System

StrataVarius Adjustment System

Strata Adjustment Tools 

Strata Adjustment Tools noninvasively adjust the Strata valve.

Last updated: 9 Jan 2013

For Patients

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