PEEK Prevail
Cervical Interbody Device

PEEK Prevail Cervical Interbody Device

A zero-profile stand-alone cervical interbody implant with internal screw fixation.

How It Works

The PEEK Prevail® Device is designed to help provide stability for spinal fusion after a diseased cervical disc producing neck and/or arm pain is removed during spinal decompression for patients who have had six weeks of non-operative treatment. This system is indicated for single-level use only in the anterior cervical spine from C2 to T1.


The device is manufactured from a medical grade polyetheretherketone (PEEK) polymer with a Nitinol wire locking mechanism and tantalum radiopaque markers to verify placement. The implant has an "I-Beam" shape to ensure strength at the screw interface* with a two screw midline configuration. The system must be used with autograft and with Zephir® System Self-Drilling Screws which protrude through the interbody portion of the device to stabilize the vertebral body while preventing expulsion of the implant.


There are potential risks associated with the use of these devices some of which include: disassembly, bending, and/or breakage of any or all of the components, pressure on the skin from the device which could cause skin penetration, irritation, and/or pain, tissue or nerve damage and scar formation. It is important to discuss the possible risks, complications, warnings, adverse events, and other important medical information with your doctor.

*Claim based on finite element testing.

Last updated: 19 Apr 2011
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