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Surgical Imaging and Surgical Navigation Services from Medtronic

Detail  Surgical Imaging and Surgical Navigation Services from Medtronic

Around the world, Medtronic's dedicated clinical and technical professionals support OR staff in ways that are unique to each facility – helping these facilities become surgical centers of excellence and provide the best patient care possible.

Whether you need to order a procedure kit, train a new nurse, plan OR navigation integration, or market your facility, we can support you through all of the following surgical imaging and surgical navigation services:

  • Education and Training – We offer continuing education and training classes for navigation for spinal procedures for nursing, biomedical and OR staff members. View our class schedules.
  • Hospital Marketing Services – We provide spine surgical navigation patient education, brochures, press release templates, web copy, graphics and more.
  • Customer Portal – The Medtronic Navigation Customer Portal gives hospital administrators, surgeons and clinical staff access to spine surgical navigation product guides and manuals, tutorials, services information, presentations and marketing materials.
  • Technical Maintenance Repair – We provide technical phone support, warranty services and installation, maintenance and repair services for spinal navigation systems.
  • Clinical Case Support – We offer surgical case support, OR staff support, and clinical phone support.
  • Fee Per Use Services – A procedure based service offering which enables any hospital access to navigation technology and/or clinical case support.
Last updated: 10 Jan 2013

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See how the O-arm® 2D/3D intraoperative imaging and StealthStation® navigation are improving spine surgical outcomes.


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