StealthStation® Spine Surgery Imaging and Surgical Navigation

Systems, Software, and Instruments

Software Modules for Image Guided Spine Surgery

Efficient and simple image guided spine navigation:

  • Personalized procedures – the software stores OR setup instructions and navigation preferences per surgeon, per procedure, and performs an auto-check for functionality
  • A full selection of imaging methods – 2D Fluoro, 3D Fluoro, O-arm® System, 3D CT, and CT Merged with 2D Fluoro
  • A comprehensive selection of tools and popular Medtronic implant therapies and screw systems 
  • A selection of surgical navigation functionality preferences to optimize the system performance
  • Single, simple, user-friendly interface – one intuitive software package that is consistent across all imaging modalities and procedures

Instruments for Image Guided Spine Surgery

These instruments are used with the StealthStation System. Please click on the ‘Indications, Safety, and Warnings’ info on the left for more information, as well as to consult the full System Manual.

Medtronic offers an unparalleled breadth of precise, accurate spine instruments that enable you to more fully utilize our comprehensive suite of innovative, image guided surgery solutions.

For more information on our instruments, please download our Parts Catalog (PDF, 2.4 MB).



Detail - Tactile probes used for image guided spine surgery

Cannulated Instrument Set 

Detail - Cannulated instrument set used for image guided spine surgery

Navigated PAK kit 

Detail - Navigated PAK kit for image guided spine surgery

Navigated NIM-SPINE

Detail - Navigated NIM-SPINE® System PAK Needle

Percutaneous Reference Pin Instrument Set 

Detail - Percutaneous Reference Pin Instrument Set

Navigated Lumbar Instrument Kit 

Detail - Navigated Lumbar Instrument Kit

Last updated: 10 Jan 2013

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See how the O-arm 2D/3D intraoperative imaging and StealthStation navigation are improving spine surgical outcomes.


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