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Transcatheter pulmonary valve (TPV) Therapy

Pulmonary Valve Design

The Melody valve is specifically designed to treat RVOT valve dysfunction. Comprised of a bovine jugular vein (BJV) valve sutured within a platinum iridium frame:

Valve Design Natural venous valve leaflets open and close under minimal pressure for optimal hemodynamics

Deep coaptation of leaflets provides valve competency across a range of conduit sizes and geometries

Radiopaque stent for visualization ease

Transcatheter Valve Delivery

The Ensemble delivery system deploys the Melody valve, with fluoroscopic guidance, through the body’s cardiovascular system:

Hand Crimping Simple hand crimping and loading of the valve

Integrated Sheath Integrated sheath eliminates the need for an additional sheath and protects valve during delivery

BIB Technology Balloon-in-balloon (BIB) technology for controlled deployment of the valve



Melody TPV Product Brochure