Cardioblate™ Gemini™-s

Cardioblate Gemini-s

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The Cardioblate Gemini-s surgical ablation device combines irrigated bipolar RF energy in creating transmural lesions with a bipolar design that’s truly unique. A moderate curve design enables lateral port access, while the jaw accommodates varying degrees of tissue thickness.

  • The only ablation device available for lateral access, made possible by the moderate curve design
  • Fits through port-sized incisions
  • Flexible neck that allows gentle maneuvering around delicate structures
  • Single-handed operation, including control in starting and stopping RF delivery

Important Safety Information

Possible complications related to the ablation of cardiac tissue in combination with open heart surgery are tissue perforation, extension of extracorporeal bypass, perioperative heart rhythm disturbances (atrial and/or ventricular), postoperative embolic complications, pericardial effusion or tamponade, injury to the great vessels, valve leaflet damage, conduction disturbances (SA/AV node), acute ischemic myocardial event, thombus formation, nerve damage, unintentional burns, pericarditis, or pleural effusion.

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Gemini-s Product Guide

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