Cardioblate™ MAPS Device

Cardioblate MAPS Cardioblate MAPS

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One simple device to confirm transmurality and identify target cardiac areas and destroy them. Apply high frequency stimulation (HFS) to areas around the pulmonary vein/atrial junction to identify sites that may contribute to various cardiac arrhythmias. Then ablate the target sites using the same device. Use of MAPS is optional for Gemini™-s devices.

  • Integrates cardiac rhythm diagnostics and surgical ablation technologies in one device
  • Sense and pace on a beating heart to confirm transmurality
  • Create any desired lesion on an arrested heart

Important Safety Information

Possible complications related to the ablation of cardiac tissue in combination with open heart surgery are tissue perforation, extension of extracorporeal bypass, perioperative heart rhythm disturbances (atrial and/or ventricular), postoperative embolic complications, pericardial effusion or tamponade, injury to the great vessels, valve leaflet damage, conduction disturbances (SA/AV node), acute ischemic myocardial event, thombus formation, nerve damage, unintentional burns, pericarditis, or pleural effusion.

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