Vincent Brown


Galway, Ireland

Medical Condition: Cardiovascular disease, heart attack 
Medical Therapy: Stents
Charity: Croí, The West of Ireland Cardiac Foundation

Vincent had his first heart attack in 1989, which was treated with angioplasty and a triple bypass. Following his second heart attack, he was fitted with three coronary stents — and then three more after his third heart attack. He has volunteered for the past 18 years with Croí, the West of Ireland Cardiac Foundation, to help them raise money to bring heart disease prevention and recovery to tens of thousands of people in Ireland.


"I’ve had three heart attacks. And have six stents in addition to undergoing angiolasty and triple-bypass surgery.

“Without the coronary stents, I wouldn’t be here today. Thanks to these stents, I can spend time with my family and friends, and I can also give back to the community. My charity of choice is Croí, the West of Ireland Cardiac Foundation.

“With Croí, I am working to make heart disease prevention and recovery viable across the West of Ireland. I have volunteered with Croí for 18 years, and I know that this has opened doors for many others to live longer, fuller lives.

“I collect money for Croí at church gates, through Flag Day fundraising and counting the coins in collection boxes. I believe I have raised thousands of euros, but what I find gratifying is that when I started, we were just raising money for one of the first cardiac devices at Galway's hospital.

“This past year, Croí grew to welcome almost 19,000 people. More than 6,000 people participated in Croí's health, training and education programs. It's hard to believe that this started with just standing at the church gate.”


“Keep busy. Value the second chance that you have been given.”


Croí is a nonprofit organization established in 1985 to fight heart disease and stroke in the West Region of Ireland. Croí’s vision is to improve the quality of life for all through the prevention and control of cardiovascular disease. The organization’s mission is to prevent disease, save lives, and promote recovery and well-being.

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