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Pacing Leads

Medtronic Pacemaker Leads

Medtronic offers a choice of pacemaker leads with proven performance for bradycardia therapy.

  • CapSureFix Novus MRI™ SureScan™ 4076 Lead and CapSure Sense MRI™ SureScan™ 4074 and 4574 Leads now approved for 1.5T and 3T full-body MRI Scans.
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Summary – CapSure Pacing Leads Family

  • Over a million patients worldwide have benefited from the consistently high performance of Medtronic CapSure leads
  • Steroid-elution technology reduces inflammation
  • Reduced inflammation allows lower pacing system energy requirements
  • To meet handling preferences, and to address the varying clinical needs of patients, a choice of lead models is available

Important Safety Information

Surgical complications may occur and care must be taken when placing and positioning a cardiac lead.



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