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Cervical Disc

Coverage and Reimbursement

Learn more about coverage and reimbursement for artificial disc surgery with the Prestige® Cervical Disc.


Cervical arthroplasty with the Prestige® Cervical Disc offers surgeons an alternative to spinal fusion that is designed to maintain motion in the neck. The Prestige Cervical Disc was the first artificial disc to be approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for use in the cervical spine, and the first of a family of spinal artificial discs under development by Medtronic.

Your patient’s insurance provider may provide coverage and reimbursement for treatment with the Prestige Cervical Disc.

Reimbursement Support

For spinal coding and reimbursement support, please visit our reimbursement section or contact Medtronic’s SpineLine®, which provides coding, billing, and reimbursement assistance for spinal procedures performed using Medtronic products.


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Prior Authorization

Medtronic is focused on improving patient access to Medtronic therapies and technologies. Medtronic provides a service, Therapy Access Solutions (TAS), to assist in navigating the authorization and appeal process with payers.

This program offers information, training and support for our customers. Contact the TAS staff toll-free at (866) 446-3873 for assistance with prior authorizations, denial management and appeals, office staff education and training, and product information.