Care Management Services patient using remote patient monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring Platforms

Full suite of patient-facing platforms designed to engage, educate and collect health information.



Every patient is unique, and MCMS offers a full suite of patient-facing platforms to help ensure patients are engaged in their own monitoring in a way that fits their needs best.  From tabletop to tablet, MCMS' platforms and peripherals are easy to set up and use, enabling straightforward interaction with a variety of patient monitoring programs.


NetResponse apps on mobile devices

NetResponse® is an interactive web- and app-based software used with smartphones, tablets, or personal computers, enabling patients to play an active role in their health. Patients simply log on to the NetResponse website or click on an app to complete daily health checks. The collected patient data is then securely sent to the monitoring staff who work with clinicians to facilitate the right care at the right time. Depending on patient preference, physician guidance, and program, patients may use their own devices or a Medtronic-provided tablet.

Tabletop Platforms

Tabletop platforms collect patient biometric and symptom data daily, connecting with peripheral devices to securely deliver both symptom and vital measurements to healthcare providers. All peripherals easily connect through color-coded ports on the back of each device.

Linkview video-based WiFi system

Linkview® WiFi System

The Linkview Wi-Fi platform is a video-based system that connects patients and providers through a touch screen interface, enabling face-to-face contact.


Commander FLEX® system

The Commander FLEX system features a brightly lit LCD display and textured buttons, offering both clear voice and visual prompts to engage patients and drive insights. Commander FLEX transmits data over landline, cellular, or broadband networks.




Patients can take their daily health check through an interactive, telephonic system when it's most convenient — day or night.