Perfusion Insider Summer 2016

New Name, Same BioActive Surface

Cortiva™ BioActive Surface, formerly marketed under the Carmeda® brand name


Beginning late summer 2016, the biosurface which Medtronic has manufactured and marketed under the Carmeda® trademark is being renamed Cortiva™ BioActive surface. Although our use of the Carmeda trademark is expiring, the composition of the bioactive surface has not changed. Cortiva™ BioActive surface has the same formulation and is manufactured using the same process, in the same facility, and to the same specification as when it was manufactured and sold by Medtronic under the Carmeda® name.

We are pleased to continue offering you this bioactive surface, which has the largest body of peer-reviewed clinical and scientific evidence reporting the beneficial impacts to both adult and pediatric patients of any coating used for cardiopulmonary bypass today. Please contact your local Medtronic Perfusion sales representative with any questions, and to learn more about how Cortiva BioActive surface can benefit your patients.

Cortiva™ BioActive surface formerly marketed under the Carmeda® brand name. Carmeda is a trademark of Carmeda® AB “(Sweden).”