Faecal Incontinence

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Living With the Therapy

Daily Living – Sacral Nerve Stimulation

Sacral nerve stimulation may allow you to enjoy freedom from frustrating and embarrassing accidents.


Your doctor will place the neurostimulator where it is most comfortable. It usually will not show through clothing. Depending on your body build, the neurostimulator pocket may show as a small bulge under your skin.

Bathroom Visits

People with sacral nerve stimulation have reported an improved quality of life and the freedom to live without the worry of leaks. The neurostimulator is designed to help reduce or eliminate your symptoms, which means you can worry less about making it to the bathroom on time or being near a bathroom every moment of your day.


Please ask your doctor if you have any concerns about travelling with your device. Your neurostimulator may set off the metal detector at the airport or theft detectors in retail stores. You will receive an ID card that you can present to security personnel to document that you have an implanted neurostimulator.

Exercise and Physical Activities

In general, the neurostimulator will not limit any of your activities. However, you should talk to your doctor about performing any strenuous activities such as heavy lifting or vigorous exercise, especially right after the surgery.

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