Powered ENT Instruments

Systems and Handpieces Quick Facts
Powered ENT Instruments

Powered ENT Instruments

Powered systems, handpieces, and accessories for performing ENT surgery with precision and speed

IPC System

Integrated Power Console  (IPC System)

Multispecialty system for removing soft or hard tissue and bone during ENT, spinal, and cranial surgeries; features touchscreen menu, remote control irrigation, and runs multiple handpieces

Straightshot M4 Microdebrider

Straightshot M4 Microdebrider

Award-winning powered handpiece with 360-degree cutting ability that's designed to improve intraoperative functionality, access, and precision for ENT surgery

Indigo Otologic Drill

Indigo Otologic Drill

Versatile, convenient, and powerful otologic drill for a broad range of otologic procedures

Visao Otologic Drill

Visao High-Speed Otologic Drill

Ergonomic design, high torque, and patented curved burs for visibility and access in otologic surgery


Midas Rex Legend Stylus High-Speed Surgical Drills

High torque and a compact size make these drills suited for a wide range of surgeries, including spine, neurotology, and ENT procedures

Hydrodebrider Powered Irrigation

Hydrodebrider Endoscopic Sinus Irrigation System

Award-winning system for chronic sinusitis treatment that delivers a rotating spray of pressurized saline to remove bacteria from the paranasal sinuses

Blades and Burs Quick Facts
Straightshot Microdebrider Blades and Burs

Straightshot Blades and Burs

More than 90 application-specific blades and burs for ENT surgery with innovative, patented designs

Inferior Turbinate Blades

Straightshot Inferior Turbinate Blades

Offers significant and long-term results with one treatment, featuring a patented elevator tip

Automated EM Tracking Microdebrider Blades

Straightshot Automated EM Tracking Blades

Factory-calibrated blades for use with our Fusion ENT Navigation System, right out of the box – no arrays, no clamps, no calibration, and no waiting

Anterior Skull Base Burs

Straightshot Anterior Skull Base Burs

Enables rapid bone and tumor removal with integrated suction-irrigation to help maximize visibility during transnasal endoscopic surgery

Legend Stylus Curved Burs

Curved Burs for Otology

Provides outstanding visibility and access in tight spaces with our Legend EHS Stylus and Visao High-Speed Surgical Drills

Stim Bur Guard

Stim Bur Guard

Enables integrated facial nerve monitoring during otologic procedures to alert surgeons of the bur’s proximity to the facial nerve and help reduce the risk of patient injury

Legend Tools and Attachments

Midas Rex Legend Attachments and Dissecting Tools

A comprehensive selection of interchangeable attachments and tools for use with both electric and pneumatic Midas Rex surgical drills

Related Products Quick Facts
Endo-Scrub 2 Lens Cleaning Sheaths

Endo-Scrub 2 Lens Cleaning Sheaths

Software-driven sheaths deliver a high-power burst of irrigation to flush debris from the endoscope lens and help maintain maximum visualization at the surgical site

Fusion ENT Surgical Navigation

Fusion ENT Navigation System

An electromagnetic image-guided surgery system that offers accuracy, ease of use, and expandability, as well as reusable standard instruments and multi-instrument tracking

NIM Nerve Monitoring Systems

NIM Nerve Monitoring Systems

Intraoperative NIM nerve monitors enable surgeons to identify, confirm, and monitor motor nerve function during a variety of surgical procedures to help reduce the potential risk of nerve damage

MeroGel Bioresorbable Nasal Packing

MeroGel and MeroPack Bioresorbable Dressing and Stents

Eliminates the need for painful packing removal, absorbs drainage, controls minimal bleeding, and prevents the middle turbinate from lateralizing after FESS

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