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Connect.Me Representative

Coronary, Endovenous and Peripheral

Meet Satu from Finland

Meet Satu Immonen from Finland. After more than 15 years of living in various European countries, she finally settled with her family in beautiful Switzerland. Satu has a Customer Service background and is now working in Sales for the Coronary and Vascular Business at Medtronic. Her biggest passion next to being a mother of two is sports and especially training eager soccer juniors on the field. 

About my Business Area: In my team we focus on therapies for varicose veins, narrowing of peripheral arteries and narrowing of coronary arteries of the heart

"We go by the motto "further together" and I can see how it comes to life every day."


At Medtronic, I feel that ideas and constructive feedback are always welcome. If you have a good idea and a strategy, then it's an idea worth trying. We go by the motto ‘further together,’ and I can see how it comes to life every day. It's almost like a ‘high five’-mentality, working together with big smiles moving mountains for the greater good.

I wouldn't be successful in my role without our great team; we support each other, give advice – and together we find the right solutions for our customers. What I also like about my role is the independency. I can decide what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. Being this independent is my greatest joy.

WHAT IS YOUR PRIORITY AS A Connect Me / Remote Sales Rep?

As a Remote/Connect Me Sales Representative, my job is to look for new ways to support our customers, while being based in the office.  My role is different from my Sales colleagues who go out and visit the customers in the hospitals. I very much relate to the term ‘Connect Me’, as the main aspect of my role is to connect with customers and colleagues, sharing knowledge, and experiences, virtually.

In my role I support the Endovenous, Coronary and Peripheral business. In this group we offer therapies that helps people, who suffer either from venous insufficiency, coronary and/or peripheral artery diseases, such as atherosclerosis. 

I sometimes feel like a Sherlock Holmes, because I constantly need to scan the market to evaluate my clients' needs, connecting with my sales colleagues, work with Customer Service, with Marketing and other product experts. I do this to develop new ways to support my clients, and everything is done from the office, always connecting virtually.


My best moment was when I was still working in the Customer Service team and was given the opportunity to move into an inhouse sales role - the role that I still have. Back then, this role was fairly new and not completely defined, and I felt inspired by the freedom. I knew it would be an exciting phase and that I could bring my ideas to the table. And my role has proven to be as exciting until this day – and the role is constantly developing. 

Another shared pleasure that inspired me was the first time that I, together with my colleagues, opened a new customer account. We did everything from the planning, to the final on-site training of the physicians.


A "Connect Me.Representative" is someone who connects with their customers remotely , without meeting them face-to-face – opposite to “regular” sales colleagues who drive to their customers in person. Working from the office and connecting virtually by telephone, videoconferencing and other electronic communication channels is essential in this role.

The virtual communication allows to reach customers more easily and react to changing demands more promptly. With this we can connect to a number of stakeholders, from doctors, surgeons, nursing staff, as well as controlling, logistic and hygiene departments in hospitals.